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    Any love for Taye

    Hi all I recently purchased this used Taye Studio Maple in 12, 16, 24, 14x5.5 snare and man does this thing sound killer. The shells are quite light and have sustain for days. I would love to see other Taye kits that you all have.
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    Sonor Select Force

    Hey all! Pretty psyched..I just bought a Sonor Select Force in piano black as a brand new clearance from the Mapex factory. From what I have been looking at and reading the shells were made by Mapex (I’m a fan) in China with Canadian maple and Chinese maple. They sound great in all the videos I...
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    Pdp 8” Transparent Walnut

    Hey ya’ll Anybody out there have an 8” PDP tom in transparent walnut they want to sell? I am looking to add it to a Concept Birch kit..but I believe this finish was also done on Concept Maple.
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    Looking for 13” or 14” Fibes Austin era aqua sparkle drums

    Hey all! I own a Austin era, Jasper shell, aqua sparkle kit and am looking for a 13” mounted or a 14” floor. My current set up is 8,10,12,16,22 and 14x6.5 snare. These drums are just awesome! I have owned them for around 23 years. Would love to hear what others have.