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    OT - Gilbert Gottfried RIP

    His appearances years ago on Howard Stern were always gut wrenchingly funny. Dracula Gottfried was always a killer (check for them on’s worth the listen) as were his appearances when Artie Lange was on with Stern. Super irreverent, cringe worthy and exceedingly funny. His podcast was...
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    Recommendations for lightest non-compact kits for road use.

    I have (2) very lightweight kits Ludwig Signet (20, 12, 14) and Taye Studio Maple (24, 12, 16). Both kits sound great and are very lightweight. Neither are made any longer but you can usually find them used on Reverb and Guitar Center for reasonable prices.
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    Snare Tuning Help Needed

    You can check the rim by placing it on an absolutely flat surface ( a granite counter top works great). If the rim rim is catywampus it will show right away. Good luck in discovery!
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    90's Drums

    That’s a beauty!
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    Snare Tuning Help Needed

    I had this problem recently and it was a warped rim. I replaced both the top and bottom rim with 2.3 mm from DfD…problem gone.
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    Revisiting Ben Folds Five & the drumming of Darren Jessee

    We cover Song For The Dumped in one of the cover bands I’m in. It’s such a blast to play. His playing is super visceral on this tune.
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    Roland KD10 stability issues

    I too own and gig my TD17 KVX. I switched out my KD10 (after 3 years of dealing with the instability) for a Roland KD180L 18” electronic bass drum trigger pad. It has made a huuuuuge difference although still not as solid feeling as any acoustic bass drum. It definitely feels more natural. It...
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    Here’s my Austin era Fibes kit. Love this girl.
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    Drums volume sound management (live venue restrictions)

    Unwillingness to work on dynamics and/or morph to the venues volume restrictions is a problem. If you play in smaller places (as I do) using electronic drums is an awesome solution. I use my Roland TD17kvx to gig all the time. It gives you the ability to control volume you simply don’t have...
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    Best bass drum pedal that doesn’t break the bank

    The TAMA HP50 is a great pedal. I own three of them and gig with one on my Roland kit all the time. They are very smooth and offer great adjustment. They are a single chain so if you really hammer your bass drum/s it may not be what you’re looking for.
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    IEM transmitters and receivers.

    I use the Galaxy AS-950. I just replaced the ear pods that came with the unit (they blew out) but I’ve never had an issue with either unit. Plenty of volume and with the new pods it sounds even better.
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    Budget snare drum score

    Nice bargain shopping! Always great when a bargain surprises you.
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    Gigging with Electric Drums - what is needed

    I’ve been gigging my 4 year old Roland TD-17KVX lately without issue. I had the same concerns about carrying additional pads just in case but I’ve had no issues. I purchased an Alesis Strike 12 that I use daisy chained to our board so it goes into the main mix as well as in ear monitors. I...
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    Oh yeah! I’m an idiot!
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    What should I do with this kit? (90s Ludwig Rocker, Taiwan)

    What a fantastic idea! I never considered that for gear I wasn’t using any longer.
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    Die Cast snare hoops

    I have a set of DFD die cast a on Ludwig Supraphonic Super Sensitive and they are great. I also have a complete set of the DFD 3mm triple flange on my Mapex Armory kit. It completely changed the tone and sustain (in a good way to my ears) of this kit. I also purchased a complete set of the DFD...
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    Had dreams of learning guitar two years ago. I was all in..bought an acoustic and an electric Gretsch hollow body and Vox amp with all the accoutrements. The dream vaporized when I realized that it was extremely difficult. Sold it all at a loss with the exception of the acoustic. It hangs on my...
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    Double hi-hat setup

    I use an Xhat on the right. It definitely influences my approach to the kit when I use it. Opens different groove feels for sure.
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    Fans of the crash of doom

    My 20 isn’t that wavy either. I wish it was more like yours shown.
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    Fans of the crash of doom

    [/MEDIA] I own a 20” Crash Of Doom and I like it but as another poster said it’s better for trash riding than crashing. But, I suppose it depends on the style music you’re playing. I’m in a cover band currently doing a lot of 70s R and B and classic rock so it’s hard to shoehorn it in sometimes...