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  1. egw

    silica / desiccant

    Here's a random question for you. Is it recommended to put something in drums in storage (ie, in cases) to keep the moisture from getting to them? I opened up one of my snare drums today for the first time in over a year and found that there are two spots on the batter side hoop where the...
  2. egw

    Can you tell me about this DW 5000 pedal?

    I recently picked up this DW 5000 strap drive pedal. It's obviously half of a double pedal unit, which I'm eventually hoping to connect to an existing DW 5000 strap drive pedal I have to use as a proper double pedal. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about it, as I've never seen one like...
  3. egw

    Wanted: pre-serial Paiste 602 14" orphan

    Anybody have one kicking around? Preferably looking for one between 850-900g or so, but am not terribly picky. Thanks for looking. Ed
  4. egw

    Did Zildjian make brilliant Armands?

    As far as I know, the Armand series is now out of production, with the only exception being the Beautiful Baby 19" ride. The Armands were a good line though, and I wish I'd kept the ones I had. But I've never seen a brilliant one before. And if it weren't for the model marking here, I'd say...
  5. egw

    Mel's Swish Knocker @ MDS

    We were talking about Mel's Swish recently and somebody said they wished Memphis Drum Shop would put out one of the Riley/Francis videos about it. Well, they did. Sorry if this has already been shared here.
  6. egw

    Having a problem with my ankle

    Specifically my right one; the one I play the bass drum with. As compared to my left foot, my right foot feels sluggish, almost like it's got something resting on top of it. It's making playing the bass drum, especially when playing heel down, difficult to keep precise. Is this something anyone...
  7. egw

    WKCR interviews, Where does Mel talk about cymbals?

    I'm trying to locate the part of the Loren Schoenberg interviews where Mel talks about cymbals. I can't remember which part it is. Anybody know? I figured I'd ask before I waste any more time searching randomly, as there's more than 20 hours of material there. Thanks in advance!
  8. egw

    Does Evans no longer offer frosted bass drum heads?

    Frosted, not coated. Can't seem to find them on their website. Like this ↓
  9. egw

    Is it possible to remove a re-ring from a shell?

    I'm thinking of cutting down a BD I built, but it's a Keller shell with Keller rings glued in. I know the best thing would be to start over with a new re-ring and glue it into the cut down shell, but I'm in Japan and shipping on a single 22" ring would be prohibitively expensive. So the only...
  10. egw

    4x13" snare, 6 or 8 lugs?

    Just pick one, I know. But which would you go with? I can't decide. This is just going to be a small snare to go in the case with my nesting kit. Most professional 13" snares seem to be 8-lug, but 6-lug would be a touch lighter, so would be better as part of the nesting set. Thoughts?
  11. egw

    3x 1" double-ended chrome tube lugs

    Anybody happen to have these kicking around? Don't even need screws or gaskets. Shipping would be to 05759, Vermont. Thanks in advance.
  12. egw

    transplanting/recycling wrap

    Just wondering if anybody has had any success with this? I'm currently working on 2 projects, one is stripping and refinishing a big bass drum that currently has red glass glitter wrap. The other is building two small toms which are going to be the very same red glitter. I'm thinking I can...
  13. egw

    Where can I get these tube lug gaskets?

    Sorry for another ridiculous question about tube lugs. But I'm trying to locate these gaskets to match the ones I already have. I can't recall where the older type came from, but it was probably Drum Supply House or Precision. They have a slightly wider footprint than these new ones (15mm vs...
  14. egw

    How much does your Swish Knocker weigh?

    Do you have a 22" Zildjian Swish Knocker? I'm trying to figure out the relative weights of the old ones versus the new ones. From the info I can find it seems like a pretty big difference (like 3000g and above for the older ones, and 2400-2500g for the newer "Vanguard" version), and I'm just...
  15. egw

    Head recommendation for 30's Radio King snare

    I've got an old Radio King snare drum that used to belong to my grandfather. 6.5x14" WMP with the engraved double-flanged hoops. I've had a calfskin batter head on it for years now. But I'm not playing much jazz these days and I'd like to try it with more of a backbeat setup. I'm thinking maybe...
  16. egw

    vintage hardware set

    Just trying to gauge interest here. Looking to get $150 plus actual shipping for the lot of 4 stands. 1, Slingerland throne, very comfortable. As you can see in the photos, the top of the seat has a spot of white paint on it, and two parallel slits. As far as I recall, the slits are only on the...
  17. egw

    Anderson no longer carries Keller!

    I sent a message to Bonnie about an order and was informed that they are no longer in the shell business. Quite a bummer. Looks like Precision is the only place left, not that that's a bad thing. I'm all for supporting Precision. Anyway, just spreading the word. Sorry if this is already common...
  18. egw

    What's With The Chinese Knock-Off Parts on Ebay?

    Forgive me if this has been talked about before, but I can't help but notice that there's some company (companies?) selling obvious knock-offs of Trick and DW strainers on ebay. Like less than $20 shipped from China. Super cheap DC hoops and things, too. I suppose the hoops are what they are...
  19. egw

    Advice on nesting drums' re-ring / alignment ring

    I built my first nesting kit around 1998 or 1999, back when I still lived in Manhattan. That one left my hands years ago, and this past summer vacation, I spent a good chunk of time working on a new one. The 16" bass drum in particular was formerly a Keller-shell FT from another kit that I built...