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    Couldn't get a clean sound anyway...

    Set up some drums in my school's music room over the weekend to fiddle with heads and tuning, and wanted to document the results, ended up with a rather Bonham-style sound unintendedly. Ipad with the internal mic, set up above/behind the kit. "speech recorder" app, not really meant for recording...
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    New to me Chick Corea Akoustic band footage

    Including parts of "Three quartets", which I hadn't heard Dave Weckl play before. There is also the video of the concert that became the "Alive" CD - amazing to see that music being made.
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    Brian Blade playing Dave Weckl's kit

    Interesting combination (and a serious Gadd solo at the beginning): 24min30 in on this video (complete concert, better sound): The Gadd part starts at 1h21min in. So powerful!
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    Youtube: Motian In Motion (2020) documentary

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    Simon Phillips using complete front heads vs. ported ones?

    In recent years he seems to have stuck with small ports (2 bass drums, hence the plural). However, his thing seemed to be using a complete reso head with a mic mounted inside. I haven't seen/heard too many live videos of him using the latter setup. Please post more videos of him using complete...
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    Jazz guitar trio

    I know this is just as wide a range as with piano trio, nonetheless I would like to discuss if you have some favorite records in this format (guitar-bass-drums), be it for the music in general or for the drum/cymbal sound, or if you like certain cymbals over others yourself etc. I noticed I...
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    My "Rosebud" snare sound

    The recent thread on our early drumming infuences made me research some recordings I listened to early on. As it used to be, I listened to my first cassettes unit I could sing along. The drum sounds are engrained in my mind. I just found out the drummer's name of the record below is Ian Castle...
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    Rudimental books to start out with?

    I have a few students who are getting quite good playing rudiments as single figures. I am thinking about giving them something to read so they can play pieces at recitals etc. In conservatory, we did Wilcoxon's "All-American drummer", and I am finally getting "Modern Rudimental Swing solos" for...
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    Bigger sticks on the quieter side

    I like the feel of the VF SD9 Driver (lighter pairs), the dimensions fit my hands well, slightly longer than 16“, slightly thicker than .6“, but the ride sound is too big for some cymbals or quiet settings (tip shape, taper). The SD10 Swinger is nice, but still a bit much sometimes. Maybe I am...
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    Far left cymbals - who uses them?

    Just noticed Jack D. uses a far left china in the video below. Vinnie C. comes to mind as well, with Dennis C. I recall seeing a far left crash. For me, it woul dbe the ast position to put a cymbal if had no more space left. I once did it for a stereo effect when recording, another time I wanted...
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    Sigu wood hoops

    I just received a 14" 8 hole batter side, very nice! Solid maple, looks and feels great. They also offer birch, ash, and oak. See the video below. I plan to try it on a Slingerland 60s maple drum. Right now, I put it on a 1920s Ludwig NOB. Never really liked playing rimshots on the single...
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    Dennis Chambers with John McLaughlin in 1994

    This blew my mind when I saw it on TV back then. Luckily I had a VHS recorder ready, watched it many times after, sometimes in slow motion to figure out just a little what he does :D Not that it matters, but what would the Pearl drums be that he used then? Some kind of Masters, maple or birch...
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    "Fall" jazz ride cymbals

    When it comes to jazz, I can't decide which sounds I like best; sometimes I like bright sounds or flats. As days get shorter though, I sometimes tend toward slightly darker, moodier sounds, think TW on the Miles tune of the same name (w /Miles). For lack of an actual gig/rehearsal, I made a...
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    Using several mics to record bass drum

    It seems pretty much standard for pop/rock these days. There are a few youtube videos on this that illustrate this technique. How often do you see it in studios, or how often do you use it yourself? For which styles? Another aspect I would like to know more about is the history of it, how long...
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    Tony Williams with Weather Report

    Discuss! I loved the off-beat open hi-hat before I knew it was Tony. When I learned that it was him, it made sense. Totally unique beat, and then the flam fills. There is a story somewhere that he came back at his own expense to record another take. Does anybody know where I might have read this?
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    Bill Elgart, jazz/avantgarde drummer

    Just found this 5min portrait:
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    Bass drum mic shootout, unmuffled

    Maybe this is helpful/interesting/entertaining to some: 22x14 Pearl early 6ply maple, coated Ambassador batter, smooth white Ambassador reso w/felt strip, 5" port hole, felt beater. This is not the setup I would use most of the time, but I wanted to hear all of what the mics would pick up, so I...
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    The joy of choir singing

    Here's a short portrait of the choir I am happy to be part of. We just had our first concerts since last September - pure joy, a moment I will cherish. Here's hoping for many more moments like this soon. The footage is from last September, some from the concert, some from the two "music videos"...
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    What the doctor ordered

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    Brass snare hoops

    I have been changing some hoops around, boy do they change a drum's sound and feel, you could say they are a big part of a drum's persona. I also got some new 8-lug triple flange hoops, hadn't had any since I sold my very first snare. Right now I put them on a brass drum that came with die-cast...