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    DW Quality Control Issues

    This doesn’t qualify as a QC issue yet.
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    Steve Jordan Rogers drums?.

    Maybe this
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    Star, SQ2, or Craviotto !!

    Talk about a left handed compliment!
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    Bigger sticks on the quieter side

    The stick is still pretty thick so stick Loss seemed minimal. I was a percussion major at the time and had a pair in my stick bag at the time. I found they sounded great on my thin Zildjian ride so they became my go to after seeing that.
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    Drummers That Didn’t Switch Endorsements

    Your needs are going to be different than a pro touring drummer who's lively hood depended on their gear.
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    Drummers That Didn’t Switch Endorsements

    Yes Zickos.
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    Bigger sticks on the quieter side

    Bolero used by Brian Blade and Rod Morgenstein when with the Dregs.
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    Who Picked Drummers Better Than David Bowie?

    He is also on complete album Imaginary Diseases. Morgan never was in the band he played in a tribute group.
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    Remember Green Acres? It's Being Reimagined with the Drummer Who Quit Genesis to Herd Sheep

    Re do it as Oliver giving up his career to grow Pot.
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    Wednesday What the ....??!!

    he never had a fever.
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    Anyone playing the Craviotto Diamond series?

    I don't know the lugs like a cross between Gretsch and Premier tongue.
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    Louis Bellson video

    All of a sudden the toupee doesn't seem bad.
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    Louis Bellson video

    The shoes are the key.
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    Carl Palmer Plans Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tour Even Though Emerson & Lake Are No Longer Alive

    He is it will be him and his band and the videos
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    WAY OT: My new built in grill

    I have drum as well. They are great.
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    WAY OT: My new built in grill

    Those seem interesting but I need to get rid of something before I get another one.
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    WAY OT: My new built in grill

    Weber's are not slumming. Very versatile I use mine more than my Egg. Theyare probably the Supra of grils they do it all, grill, smoke, rotiserrie, pizza.....
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    RIP Ludwig Atlas… Again

    Medusa tom stand. Everytime you take one off 2 more go on.