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    Jazz Ride

    You need some stick definition. Maybe in a lo-fi qualit clip of that concert, the 2002 sparkle /attack is missing and it sounds like all wash, no rhythmic information (TWs no-tip stick might not have been the best fit). Some jazz players like very washy rides, Billy Hart comes to mind. If the...
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    Does anyone else NOT like 16" floor toms?

    Just the other day I was thinking of shallower floor toms, and how the square sizes were probably invented as stand-alone units that weren't supposedly to topple over, hence the depth. I basically agree the change in dpeth/diameter relation with trad.sizes bugs me to a degree. I prefer floor...
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    Kelly Shu

    Looks like in vertical position you can change the distance of the mic from the head using the little slide bar, whereas with horizontal "shu" the mic can slide up and down.
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    New heads, what’s your process?

    I don't tension the head over the point where I want to use it, but I do stretch it by pressing onto it with the palm of my hand. I think the head collar on the inside of the bearing edge should not be bent. When tightening, I try to get an even pitch alla round at low tension already. I listen...
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    Anyone playing a single 18" floor tom?

    Would be fun. I have one kit that has an 18" floor tom. i used the 12x10/14x12/18x16 as a bop kit for a while, but these drums could easily form a power tom trio with the 22 bass drum which seems almost small in comparison. I also used the 18 ft as the lowest sound of an improv multi-percussion...
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    What do wood panels do for sound?

    For more high end from the snare, try a hard floor, no carpet. I use two little rugs, one for each pedal(and spurs). Hard surfaces reflect high best, and the bottom of the snare emits the most highs. Acoustic panels on the walls can either absorb (by means of thick, soft material) or diffuse...
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    Pairing cymbals

    I too agree about hearing a nice set of cymbals, how they work with the drum sound etc. If you like to ride all your cymbals, then each cymbal, one at a time, should work well in that context, and these will end up as your "set". Don't think of a certain notion of a what a "cymbal pairing"...
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    Pairing cymbals

    I think you only really need to pair cymbals that get played at the same time - hi-hats and orchestral/marching pairs. With cymbal sets, I'd think more about the band context, what sounds you would like to hear behind which instrument. There is talk about the drumset being one instrument, but...
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    Drummers that are NOT gear-centric?

    When I was at conservatory, me an my peers played the same practice kits, or took turns at ja sessions. It soon became obvious from listening to and watching the other guys that it was about practising and getting your sound out of whatever instrument was available. I would never look down on...
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    Achievement unlocked —> K Dark Thin

    The original K series, going back to early-80s EKAs, had "dark crashes". They were differentiated into thin and medium-thin in the mid-90s, so you have a "dark crash thin". The K Dark Thin series from 2011 is something else - unlathed, small bell rides and thin hats. No crashes.
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    Achievement unlocked —> K Dark Thin

    John Riley has used the hats in some instructional videos, they sounded good. Rare to find any modern Z hats that thin. They are all brilliant finish, hard to tell if they have been polished later, I'd say.
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    i want zildjian a avedis, but i would clean off the patina

    Me? I am not the one wanting to remove the patina, agree with you.
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    The merits of multiple snare drums

    Over the last years, I bought a few snares. In the end I might be happy with one versatile middle-of-the road snare, but I couldn't figure out which one so I kept buying ;) I think I'm done for a while now; I still need find out what they all can do, so many variables. One idea was to put...
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    i want zildjian a avedis, but i would clean off the patina

    As long as you avoid abrasives. Polish cream uses minerals that smooth down the metal surface. Plastic brush sounds like it would be soft enough, but best use no mechanical force at all I'd say. I woud leave it as is. The reissue standard As are very nice, too, and shiny. As far as just...
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    Direct Drive Bass pedal

    For dynamic playing, I prefer a linear feel of a round cam with either strap or chain. I don't feel any ldisconnect or indirect feel with either one. No real lag either. Clumsiness might be more a matter of weight - i definitely prefer lighter pedals for less inertia. That said, the only...
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    I can't get my Supra to not sound like Bonham.

    That's a good way of putting it. Rimshots get louder the heavier/thicker the rim. If you like what the thinner hoop did, maybe even try a wood hoop one day. Softer transient spike at the beginning of the rimshot sound. The thinner hoop would make the drum more similar to what Bonham used though...
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    Looking for cowbell mounting ideas

    For the occasional cowbell, I lay it on top of a towel resting on rhe floor tom. That way, it‘s already nicely muffled. I used to use an extra stand plus holder/rack for multiple instruments, cowbell, jam block, tambourine. I should use these things again, adds a lot of colours. You could even...
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    Snare in floor tom position

    Around that time, he also played on Joe Cocker's Organic record. Not as experimental as the Frisell record, not sure about various snare sounds, but live he used a similar set as the one MSG described.
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    “Bonding” with drumkits…

    With an 80s kit I got used some time ago, it was the disassembling/ceaning/reassembling that might qualify as a bonding activity. Sometimes I have removed parts such as mufflers or gaskets, exchanged hoops etc. to make them suit my needs. I keep the original parts, but I don't need everything to...
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    I can't get my Supra to not sound like Bonham.

    A very versatile snare. I used mine for a "Paul Motian with Bill Evans" low sound with brushes, nobody said it sounded out of place. Tuned up it can be quite funky, too.