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    Need help IDing a Gretsch Kit

    C'mon Joe, go get us the Elvin pic with the yellow twin tom kit, double Set-O-Matic. Not that I'm lazy or anything
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    Need help IDing a Gretsch Kit

    It was good enough for Elvin Jones, so...
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    Drum hardware maintenance & lubrication

    Been using valve oil on my tension rods for quite a while. As in the stuff brass players use. It's a super-light oil that cleans a little and lubes a little. I also use it on cymbal stand threads and would use it on lug mounting threads. For a BD pedal/friction points, I'd probably use something...
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    Chicago Drum Show. May 21st and 22nd

    K.O., I applaud your good fortune with the Ludwig/Rogers stand family repair. That's just awesome, hard to imagine, more than we could hope for, and totally a total drum show benefit. That SlingerLeedy is quite the gem.
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    Two music stores today

    As best as I can see, the badge says Made in England. Also, the long lugs were Cabria by that point. One thing that's blowing my mind is that there appear to be gaskets under them lugs, which I've never seen on Cabrias. We need @Elvis to take a look.
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    Two music stores today

    Gotta stand with Mr. Cranky on this one. As a guy with a "delicate" back," that floor gives me the willies. I have to be on the lookout for such.
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    Two music stores today

    Well, they're British-era Cabrias. That's the thing.
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    Did a DFO member in Michigan score this Slingy set?

    Nor me. Formula 602?
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    Remember the struggle between drums and Marshall stacks?

    Saints preserve us, man!
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    Premier spotting - 1956!

    How about that formidable three-saxophone front line? We don't need no stinkin' brass! Charles Conner is the man, just snappin' it throughout.
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    1948 Victory Snare

    Man, that's cool. The remote towns of Ohio yield such treasure!
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    Ludwig Universal Walnut 2022 model

    Tasty! An all-walnut diet!
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    Snare drum spring cleaning

    Pearl Pic in brass for $80? That is a STEAL!
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    Ludwig Universal Walnut 2022 model

    Of course. trying to make a joke.
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    Book - Inner Drumming by George Marsh

    Ya, Media Mail at the Post Office is a really good deal.
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    Ludwig Universal Walnut 2022 model

    A gorgeous drum that I can't afford now - even at your very reasonable price. I know I could look it up, but "What's in the sandwich?"
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    Rogers toms - 12,13,16

    In black, natch. These look pretty ok for player grade fun!
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    12" Trans Stamp Zildjian Hat pair - incredible paper thins

    Time to play some burning Bebop with these...
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    Super-cool dealing with Forum member @Piggpenn on a set of 90's Premier XPK's. I finally picked them up on a road trip from my Detroit to Iowa. The drums are everything he said and showed (in pics) they would be. Excellent! Thanks, Mark