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  1. nickrobotron

    1969 Ludwig Red Sparkle Snare Drum

    $245, shipped.
  2. nickrobotron

    Ok..what drum company started using big logo’s on BD heads first?

    This wins, no? Insane. The big 70’s Ludwig logo is perfect on Vistalites. It just looks wrong with the script.
  3. nickrobotron

    Snarky Steely Dan Drops Aimee Mann from Tour

    I love Steely Dan. And I also don’t want to sit through a singer songwriter. Thanks, Donald, for saving your fans.
  4. nickrobotron

    Tama S.L.P. Bold Spotted Gum 6.5x14

    Anyone want this?
  5. nickrobotron


    I have a bunch of microphones for sale. Either like-new or used and 100% functional. Very flexible on price if you buy multiple. SHURE: SM85- $60 SM87-$75 Unisphere 5655D- $75 570S- $50 SM11- $50 MX418SE- $95 KSM137- $175 AKG: TPS D 3800- $75 AUDIX: D6- SOLD AUDIO TECHNICA: PRO 35-$95 SONY...
  6. nickrobotron

    i want zildjian a avedis, but i would clean off the patina

    I have seen Explorer’s Percussion here in KC remove the patina on an Avedis that had weird stains. Worked beautifully. Ask for Sam. He was the guy that showed it to me. I believe he did with a plastic brush and a lathe with no chemicals.
  7. nickrobotron

    Inde ResoArmour - what happened?

    The price point was super rough. It took a Keller maple shell way out of reasonable territory. However, the finish seemed profoundly good and beautiful. Plus they have kick ass hardware. It would for sure be an excellent drum set to own, but when I priced one out at $2900 for a 3-piece, I had to...
  8. nickrobotron

    Reverb not allowing negative feedback on site

    I’d be very frustrated if someone left a bad review without discussion. Especially if the item was described accurately (Reverb’s policy for grading is clear) and the photos were good. However, sorry you don’t like your snare. That sucks.
  9. nickrobotron

    Tama S.L.P. Bold Spotted Gum 6.5x14

    This is an excellent snare drum that sounded great right out of the box. I bought it brand new and just tuned the stock heads. Curiosity got the best of me when I discovered this drum because I have lusted after Brady snares in the past. This one does the job! The S.L.P. drums should not be...
  10. nickrobotron

    1969 Ludwig Red Sparkle Snare Drum

    5” Red Sparkle Pioneer. Bearing edges are weird and crappy like a lot of these are. Still sounds great. I’d probably get them re-cut if I was going to keep it. But if you’ve been around these, you know how that goes. $265, shipped.
  11. nickrobotron

    3.0mm hoops on a Supraphonic?

    This sealed the deal. I'm sticking with 2.3. Thank you all! I am used to this drum with a 2.3 and I like what it does. I like the space and air. It sounds so big. I am not concerned with overtones. Maybe next time.
  12. nickrobotron

    3.0mm hoops on a Supraphonic?

    I need to replace the hoops on my 1991 6.5" Supraphonic. I cannot find Ludwig brand 2.3mm hoops, which is what I wanted. So I was looking at DFD's hoop selection. I could get some non-Ludwig 2.3's, or I could try the 3.0's. I heard it's somewhere between die cast and 2.3. Seems like it could...
  13. nickrobotron

    "They gave it to me!"

    I love my wife. Thanks for the reminder.
  14. nickrobotron


    This was over 4 years ago. I don't remember.
  15. nickrobotron

    15” Paiste black 2002 sound edge hi hats

    Damn. I sold a pair of these for $200. I had no idea they were valuable. Is it because of Led Zeppelin’s drummer? I forgot his name.
  16. nickrobotron

    Paiste 22” Signature Mellow Ride (3 factory brass rivets)

    Paiste put rivets in this? Do you special order that or did they release this with rivets?
  17. nickrobotron

    If you had $500 to spend on an available snare

    I would have this exact answer. And these two drums are perfectly different. However, that Inde Aluminum that’s on Marketplace is pretty sweet too!
  18. nickrobotron

    Drum shops or music stores in Austin TX?

    Does anyone know of a great drum shop or vintage music store in Austin?
  19. nickrobotron

    Dating a Monroe badge Ludwig.

    This makes sense. The previous owner (who was the second owner) said the original owner told him he bought it in 1991. No reason to not believe, but wanted to see if it there was another way to confirm.