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    Favorite jazz trio albums

    Looking for some good trio stuff. Any suggestions? I’m big on Bill Evans already, but would like hear some other good ones.
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    Bass drum exercises

    What do you guys work on for bass drum technique? I’d like to eventually work on heel down, which I’ve yet to master.
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    Joe Morello in color

    Somehow I’m just now seeing this.
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    Drum rentals

    What drums do you tend to choose when renting out for a show (and you can’t bring your own)? Question for the pros. Just curious.
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    Boxes for toms and bass drums

    Where do you guys get shipping boxes for toms and bass drums? Besides ordering a new kit.
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    Porcaro tracks

    Let’s share some favorite, and possibly under the radar Jeff P tracks…or full albums. I have an iTunes compilation with his stuff. I’ll add some based on recommendations. I’ll start. Going to say this whole album is amazing. always liked this track here…
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    Tuning toms….tension

    I think I like the feel of a more tightly tuned tom. Just seems to have more of a bounce to it. Even for rock types of music. Anyone in the tuning toms low camp instead?
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    Santa list?

    I asked Santa for a pair of 15” new beats. Have some vintage ones that I’ll keep, but want the heavier modern set. Anything on your wish list?
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    3 different drummers on same track

    I loved this. Would like to see more from some different players. It would be cool to do the same thing with say Ash Soan, Peter Erskine, Garibaldi, etc. Just to see how their takes would be on something.
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    Bass drum differences among brands

    I’ve always felt the bass drum can be quite similar from brand to brand, given same size and setup. The differing factors are more about the choice of toms and snare. What are your thoughts? So here is my thing. I could take a vintage Rogers 22, a DW maple collectors same size, and high end...
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    Blend vs cutting

    Been listening to some different drummers lately. I was in a rut of always using big dark cymbals that blend with the music. But in listening to Charlie Watts and Doug Clifford, they each had some cymbals that would sort of stick out and make more of a statement. Mainly the small crash sound...
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    Share your swish/China/ cymbals

    I’m a big fan of swishes. And some pleasant sounding chinas. Here is one of mine that I really dig.
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    Live Custom vs AHM vs new Tour Custom

    Anyone done a shootout between the current Yamaha stuff? What are your thoughts. I’m not in a rush to go out and buy anything, but I’m curious.
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    So I have a buddy from high school that doesn’t play anymore, but wants to give me a set of Vistalites and some 70s Zildjians. I’m pretty excited. Not sure how soon it will be, and I have no idea on the condition of any of it…but I said yes!!! I’ll share once I get it. But this will be like...
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    Vinnie recordings

    Always like this record. It’s hard to imagine that he was so good from an early age! What are some other under the radar recordings from the master Vin?
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    Always wondered if he played a rivet ride, or simply had one of his “crashes” with rivets. I hear rivets in the sound for sure. Not quite sure what he used other than A’s.
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    Technique limits and the impact on style

    I realized early on that I’d never be a Weckl, even if I practiced 15 hours a day. (And I’m okay with that). I still enjoy listening to anything with Vinnie, but again, some of those licks can’t pull off. I’m fact, I rarely play fills. I’m not saying one should not practice, but I think we come...
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    Dualing rides setup on the right

    One thing I thought about that can make sense it setting up both a pingy ride and a washy ride. In this scenario, I’m talking more about backbeat oriented styles. Although it can be a hassle carrying more gear, it seems like having one washy ride and one pingy ride makes a lot of sense. I saw...
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    DW 24x14 maple collectors bass drum

    Considering selling a virgin DW 24x14 bass drum in white glass. I bought it new around 5 years ago, and due to life happening…kids, multiple moves, it’s never been used. I still have the box. Send me a pm if you might be interested. Not crazy about shipping a long distance, but we can see...
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    Bass drum extensions to add even more depth

    Just scratching my head, but what on Earth is the point of adding a bass drum extension like this here? Is it just a visual thing? Does it add some extra boom? How much boom do you need?