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  1. Drumbeav

    Looking for 1930s - style hi-hats

    Sorry so late to the party but I'm a brand new member. My suggestion to achieve that 1930's hi-hat sound would be to seek a Wuhan 11" or 12" splash for the top cymbal and the same for the bottom or better yet, cut down a larger, cracked cymbal to match your Wuhan. The cymbal will sound somewhat...
  2. Drumbeav

    New Blue Man Group Drummer Describes Brutal Audition Process ... Is Being Blue a High-Dollar Gig?

    Green Bay woman becomes Blue Man. I love it. Orange you glad you Red this story on how to Pink outside the box?
  3. Drumbeav

    Gig nightmare!!! Submit yours here...

    Back when I was first starting to gig out regularly (around age 19), one night I found myself sweating so much that I could barely keep my sticks from slipping from my grip in both hands. Squeezing tighter only created stiffness and cramping; I got so desperate, that I moved the sticks to in...
  4. Drumbeav

    Gig nightmare!!! Submit yours here...

    I once played at loosely assembled, summertime outdoor party/jam/boozefest type of thing. Nobody was getting paid, so I hesitate to label it a "gig." Anyway, the musicians' performance area was on grass and under a huge, makeshift tarp tent with flaps held up with wooden boards to allow...
  5. Drumbeav

    How important is versatility for you?

    Exactly! Just like the classic Hollywood actors who when auditioning for roles got asked "Can you ride a horse/shoot a gun/dance...etc., simply replied "Yes" to anything, then promptly went out and took lessons on whatever was relevant.
  6. Drumbeav

    How important is versatility for you?

    At 54, I am semi-retired from active gigging but there was a time when I deliberately sought the most wildly divergent situations I could find to challenge myself to stretch and learn. It is so much fun and rewarding to immerse yourself in a totally different circle of players and styles. In...