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  1. wolfereeno

    Electric Kit with programmable backing tracks - Please Help!

    Agree - even My 25 year old TD7 module has this. Newer ones most certainly do. Regarding noise, you might prep the student for the next complaint even if he's exclusively playing in headphones (especially if he lives in an apartment) which is the noise of the pads and pedals through the floors...
  2. wolfereeno

    What’s the best snare that you wish you’d kept?

    I traded a 13x5 Craviotto that was a wood he didn't use often (i forget the details) and turned out to be rare, for a signed Bun E Ludwig. That said, the Bun E drum is amazing to play and I actually really hated the craviotto. It was too sensitive and loud. So net net all's good.
  3. wolfereeno

    Istanbul Agop 20.5" 25th anniversary ride cymbal

    I have both as well. I was under the impression that Memphis drum shop commissioned additional ones more or less to the same specification. Is that not the case? Mine are similar but the older model is flatter and a little trashier and darker. This one is little more friendly. I should...
  4. wolfereeno

    Zildjian Crash of Doom 20 no label 285 shipped.

    Great as a Left side Ride, crash ride, or for quiet gigs. Also a great alternative to a swish or china The labels were removed by previous owner Great condition - no nicks or dings. I have a second one I repaired a crack in and this was bought as a backup. But my repair's held and I never...
  5. wolfereeno

    Istanbul Agop 20.5" 25th anniversary ride cymbal

    Istanbul Agop 20.5" 25th anniversary ride cymbal. 1856 gms -- Great weight. I have two and am just keeping one. Dark, smokey, versatile jazz ride. Great for Left side Ride and quieter gigs.
  6. wolfereeno

    another TRAVIS BARKER (Mr Kardashian to you) THREAD.. how he made his 50 million

    I like his energy. His playing is entertaining. The man is bringing new drummers to the world. Whether they move past him to other drummers, that's up to them.
  7. wolfereeno

    Developing L hand (for a right hander) accuracy, precision, and reliability, from a retired PT

    4 biggest things that helped my left hand: Exercises that switch lead from R to Left. The Dawson Rudimental Ritual is full of them as is Great Hands for a Lifetime Really working Left hand accents as some above documented Tommy Igoe's 21 min Jazz Ramp with Left hand leading Breaking 3 fingers...
  8. wolfereeno

    SOLD - DW MAG throw off chrome

    Hmm I think I have one of these to sell too. Let me grab a picture of it as I'm not sure the difference between the two versions.
  9. wolfereeno

    Midi mapping (TD20 and Mimic Pro)

    There's software and hardware that can do the midi channel remapping for you, but in the end, do you really want the TD20 HH's for anything? As long as the VST's can handle it, that is the eventual direction you'll head anyway. It's inevitable ;-) you can always get a second HH pedal if you...
  10. wolfereeno

    Midi mapping (TD20 and Mimic Pro)

    Re HH, I don't know the answer but if you dig around for how people get their HH to work with VST's, its similar. You want the cc's to go over the same midi channel as the note on.offs and map to the cc's the other module expects. Frankly, why bother making things more complicated? The TD20...
  11. wolfereeno

    >>>>>>>>Bill Stewart ! >>>>>>

    I have a nodar 24" frankencymbal. It's quite a monster. I never really know what to do with it. Anyway, one of the most interesting things I notice about Bill, having seen him many times in small places, isn't his left hand but the sound he gets from his RIGHT hand. He really generates a...
  12. wolfereeno

    Gigging with Electric Drums - what is needed

    I did a couple of gigs with my original TD7 kit 25 years ago. It took me longer to set them up then acoustics. Even labeling the cables, I still hooked up some pads incorrectly and had to fix it on stage. I hated it and never did it again. You can fix almost anything on an acoustic set...
  13. wolfereeno

    Stereo Amp for driving small studio monitors

    Yeah, that probably fits the bill best.
  14. wolfereeno

    Stereo Amp for driving small studio monitors

    Anyone have an old crown, bryston, etc stereo amp that is suitable for driving a pair of small studio speakers like avantones? Doesn't need much power and the smaller the better. 1U This is the kind of amp someone might have for stage monitors or studio use.
  15. wolfereeno

    Bird's Eye views

    Apartment Life.
  16. wolfereeno

    Logic Pro & TD-30 questio

    You could take a laptop and trigger sounds in it on stage. Plenty of people do that. If it's mission critical they will even have two running with a midi splitter so they have a backup sound source. Apple Maintstage is meant exactly for hosting VST's for live use. BTW, a middle ground would...
  17. wolfereeno

    Midi mapping (TD20 and Mimic Pro)

    To eventually use VST's you'd want to stick with the standard mapping in either Pearl or Roland's definition because the VST's will have a preset map for each brand/module. So I'd simply change the TD20 kits and just use unused midi note#'s. You could also change the midi channels on the...
  18. wolfereeno

    Logic Pro & TD-30 questio

    Exactly. Vexpressions are just patches that tweak the existing sounds to approximate something else. What you CAN do is connect your TD30 to your Mac with a MIDI or USB cable and trigger the drum sounds in logic.
  19. wolfereeno

    Using one manufacturer triggers with another’s brain module

    I would replace the module. Although the volume fluctuating could be as simple as dust in the pot. Does this happen with the main outs or just headphone out? The ride cymbal volume is dependent on the pad type being set correctly in global settings and then the patch. There's always the...
  20. wolfereeno

    Using one manufacturer triggers with another’s brain module

    What's wrong with the brain and what model? If it's sounds but the trigging to Midi works, then just switch to VST's. I don't even plug my main module (td30) outs into to my DAW anymore. I just use Midi and SD3.