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  1. mkelley

    Paiste 2002 Prototypes 14" hats 20" ride DFO price - $225 each

    I'm selling a couple of Paiste prototypes through my Reverb store. For DFO members, prices are $225 each. Free shipping, continental United States only. Must mention your member name when you purchase. Paiste 20" Prototype Ride 2043g 2019...
  2. mkelley

    1970's Premier, Beverley or Olympic Floor Tom 14, 15 or 16 Mahogany Shell

    Hi all, I'm on the hunt for a floor tom for my mahogany shelled 1970's Premier sized 14, 15 or 16. Finish doesn't matter. If you have a shell only, I'm ok with that too I have all the parts in my stash. DM me if you have one and please send pics. Thanks!
  3. mkelley

    Looky, Looky 2,688g of Paiste pinginess.

    20" Sound Creation Bell Ride - 2,688g of Paiste pinginess. Edges aren't bad, that keyhole isn't worrisome but that discoloration feels and scratches more like paint instead of oxidation. Serial looks like it's from 81. Neat little cymbal. This bell ride does have a great little bell.
  4. mkelley

    Camco 5000 Pedal

    I found this pedal in a sad state, where it had the footboard, cam, and pedal frame and made it functional again using new DW parts. So instead of hoarding more pedals, I'm releasing this one to the wild. It's a Camco pedal with a new, nylon strap, new DW t-screw, new DW heel plate, new DW...
  5. mkelley

    8 Premier #10-20 piccolo snare lugs

    Greetings! I have 8 Premier #10-20 snare lugs supplied with mount screws but without the back washer, insert plates and swivel nuts. I hoped to use these but they have been sitting in my parts bin too long. $75 shipped in the continental US, international buyers, I will provide an estimate...
  6. mkelley

    WTT: 20" Paiste Sound Creation Bright Ride 2,656g for???

    I've had this bright ride for a couple of years and honestly it never sold me on it's sound. I like washier rides and this one has a killer ping. I'm looking for a Premier mahogany-shelled bass drum, Bosphorus crashes, DW 5000s, but I'm open to discuss anything you wanna trade.
  7. mkelley

    Eames for your Premier & Others

    Hey everyone. I have a 10/12/14/22* Eames kit from 1989 that I've had for a few years. I've recorded with them but they've sat in my studio for a year and it's time to set them free. I've been a huge Premier fan for 30+ years and that got me thinking about what's out there in Premier land. I...
  8. mkelley

    Old A Zildjian 22" question.

    A few years ago, I found a crusty old 22" A Zildjian at a local store and added it to my collection. I recently started using the 22" in a jam band. My curiosity got the better of me and I put the old 22 on the scale and it comes in at a little over 1800g. Are thin/riveted 22" like this common?
  9. mkelley

    DW Workshop Series black on brass. 14x5

    DW Workshop Series black on brass. 14x5 As good as new, just dusty. New heads, new Puresound snares. Purchased it to use in a heavier band, replacing my COB supra. Easily handles the same ground. I prefer to sell this but if you have a trade, message me and let's talk. Price is $250, shipping...
  10. mkelley

    18 5/8" Paiste Twenty Light Ride 1790g

    I have the mythical 18 5/8th" Paiste Twenty Light Ride. Ok, so it's not mythical but it originally began as a 20" ride cymbal. It developed a slight edge crack and it's such a waste to lose this cymbal that I had it professionally (former ebayer bent monkey cage from Bakersfield) cut down. to...
  11. mkelley

    Paiste 20" Sound Creation Bright Ride 2651g

    For sale is a 20" Paiste Sound Creation Bright Ride. Weight is 2651g, SN is 824235 which puts it from 1978 (possibly 1st year, according to Cymbal.Wiki says originated in 76 but snbrs begin in 78). Cymbal is in good condition, some tarnish. Bottom logos are good, top are a memory. Edges are...
  12. mkelley

    Mike's Midlevel Snare & Paiste Trade-off

    The PDP Concept Maple and Pearl Snare Timbale are no longer available.14 x 5.5 PDP Concept Maple snare 14 x 5 Pearl Chad Smith Signature snare 12 x 5 Pearl Marc Quinones Signature Q-Popper Snare Timbale 10 x 5 PDP 805 snare pics on my reverb shop...
  13. mkelley

    Snares and Roland stuff for Swap

    12 x 5 Marc Quinones Q-Popper - top of strainer knob is missing but doesn't affect the ability to tighten or loosen snares. Otherwise good. 14 x 5 Pearl Chad Smith - Good condition. Roland KD-8 Kick Pad x2 Roland PD-8 Dual trigger pad Roland FD-7 Hi Hat Pedal What do ya have to trade? I'm...
  14. mkelley

    Vintage Marching Snare carrier

    I have a vintage wood hoop Slingerland 14x10 marcher from the 60's (Niles black/gold badge, chocolate milk interior) that I want to use with our local soccer team's drum line. I play either matched or traditional, what's the best way to march with one and could a modern carrier be used?
  15. mkelley

    Supplier for Keller shells who'll drill and edge?

    I have a lot of more shows on the horizon and don't want to take my Montineri kit out. I had problems with delays from Drum Supply House and looking for another source of Keller shells (15" floors expecially), who can edge and drill. I can finish the kit, I also have all the hardware, just need...
  16. mkelley

    20" shell cut-offs

    I'd like to build a small practice kit so I can slap on my mesh heads and play with standard sized drums but somewhat compact. I'm coming up short in the bass drum area. I'm looking for a 20" shell, can be new or used preferably 20x10 or smaller. I have the mesh head, hoops and hardware. Just...
  17. mkelley

    Club Date kit 12/14/20 player grade

    I've been looking for a 60's Club Date. So if you have singles or a kit, I'm interested. I'm ok with rough finishes, as long as the drum is round. I have cash and have an Eames kit and some snares up for trade.
  18. mkelley

    I don't think this one will sell for that price....

  19. mkelley

    Pearl Masters w/ rerings

    Which Masters kits do not have reinforcement rings? I'm looking for an early Masters maple kit with rerings but I'm unsure of the line after 2000. Is it just the original 4ply maple kit? Also, If you wanna sell one PM me.
  20. mkelley

    Pearl Masters MMX kits or singles.

    I'm looking for a Pearl Masters MMX kit, these are the 4ply w/ 4ply rerings. I'm also looking for singles.