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  1. fun2drum

    13" Snare Drums

    I never even had 13" snare drums on my radar. I just never cared for the idea of them. That is until this year when I bought a Yamaha Hip set, mostly for fitting into tight spaces when needed. The set came with a 6 lug birch 13" snare, which I didn't even want. I considered selling it off...
  2. fun2drum

    Not loving playing drums now.

    This is the first time I've ever gone through something like this. I've always loved playing drums, just as I've also loved seeing them, buying them, trading them, adding to them, etc. Now I hardly touch them. Our band has been taking a break for the past month due to the guitarist doing a...
  3. fun2drum

    Ludwig Black Beauty 6 1/2 x 14 with Imperial Lugs and P86 strainer

    I got this snare drum new in March of 2012, played it on a handful of gigs and then it stayed on my practice set for a few years after that. I haven’t played it in several years, and it’s way too nice to let sit on a shelf. It’s not new of course, but I’ve taken good care of it and you can see...
  4. fun2drum

    OT: Anybody in USA ordered an instrument from Australia (or other non-USA country) on Reverb?

    Asking for help from the forum. My son is looking at a 70’s Gibson Les Paul Bass guitar on Reverb and it’s in Australia. It’s not an easy one to find with few blemishes, and this one looks good. He says that this one will cost him less overall including shipping than some others he’s looked...
  5. fun2drum

    Considering a very small drum set and would like some advice.

    I've always been a bigger drums guy. My first kit had a 20" bass drum but everything else over the years has been mostly 22 to 24. I've been enjoying the heck out of my newer INDE 20-10-14 set, though. It plays much bigger than it is. I play rock and blues mostly, not necessarily in that...
  6. fun2drum

    SOLD - Ludwig 3-ply 22, 12, 13, 16 player's set, Maple Cortex

    Here's a 3-ply Ludwig set that's ready to play and sounds fantastic. Sizes are 14x22, 8x12, 9x13, and 16x16. Tom batters are Emperors and Vintage Emperors, while the bass drum batter is a single ply Evans Emad. All of the drums sound great. Interiors are clear maple in the bass drum and...
  7. fun2drum

    Looking for a Slingerland Music Yo era price expert

    If you have any idea of market pricing on those snare drums then would you please PM me? Thanks!
  8. fun2drum

    Got me some new legs.

    Legs for the floor toms, that is. Short length, tiny feet, and light as a feather aluminum. They have a smooth surface all the way up yet they still grip tightly into the mounts. I think they compliment the new aluminum spurs nicely too! A big thanks to Josh of INDe for designing these and...
  9. fun2drum

    Bass drum single tom mounting post with 1" downtube (Found Pending)

    I'm looking for a Ludwig Rockers style tom post with the ball arm mount. It's okay if the ball arm isn't included. Looking for something that's in good shape and cheap, and it doesn't necessarily have to be Ludwig. Let me know if you've got anything close and we'll see if I can use it...
  10. fun2drum

    New INDe ultralight spurs

    I just had to show off these new spurs I got. They’re light as a feather and look wicked cool. Josh knocked another one out of the park.
  11. fun2drum

    New Hardware Ideas

    I've been thinking a lot lately about hardware I wish somebody would make. There are a couple of things I would love to see somebody build and make available, and I assume that some of you may also have that certain piece of hardware you'd love if you could get it. Well, I figured it might be...
  12. fun2drum

    My Yamaha Crosstowns - Review

    I've had a chance to spend some time with and gig my new Crosstowns now, and here's what I think: I've been using Yamaha 700 series as well as DW Ultralights for the past few years, depending on the gig situation. Both of those have been great. What I was hoping for with the Crosstowns was...
  13. fun2drum

    SOLD - Set of two Gibraltar Intruder bass drum pedals

    These are the old school Intruder pedals with the clamp screw on top. It’s ridiculously easy to clamp on the hoop - you barely have to bend over to reach it. They play nicely and look pretty good for their age. One of them has a rough area on the base plate (pictured) and they’re as pictured...
  14. fun2drum

    DW 5000 Bass Drum Pedal - SOLD

    Plays and looks great, missing drum key and one of the bottom rubber covers on hoop clamp. Used on practice set for a year, plus it saw maybe 5 gigs. Action is like new. $90 shipped to the continental USA.
  15. fun2drum

    Sold! DW Ultralite Hardware set - complete with extra cymbal stand and bag

    You get the snare stand, hi hat, and not two, but three cymbal stands with the DW hardware bag. They've only been to a handful of gigs and taken care of. The only noticeable blemish I can see is a few scratches on the hi hat footboard from where it folds up against the stand during transport...
  16. fun2drum

    Wanna trade Beato Pro 1 Floor Tom Bags? (My 14x16 for your 16x16)

    I have a Beato Pro 1 14x16 bag in excellent condition from a smoke free environment. To be clear, that's to fit drums of 14" depth and 16" diameter. It's been taken to gigs somewhere between 15 and 20 times, and it still practically looks like new. I'm looking for a 16x16 Beato Pro 1 bag in...
  17. fun2drum

    Drummers: Our jobs aren't safe from robots taking over.

    How do we compete with a robot drummer with perfect tempo and four arms?
  18. fun2drum

    Very OT: Asking for apartment advice from NYC members

    Some of you may know I've hosted a lot of foreign exchange students from all over the world. My most recent one, a young lady from Brazil, is coming back to the US to stay in NYC and attend classes at Manhattan Community College. She's arriving in a couple of weeks and needing an apartment...
  19. fun2drum

    Nice-listers: What kind of drum toys did you get?

    I'll start. Tama Classic bass drum pedal (I love this thing) Kelly Shu mic mount (Been wanting to try this for a long time) Sorry - please disregard if you were on the naughty list. Maybe next year.
  20. fun2drum

    Ugly TAMA pedal pack - SOLD

    These pedals are smooth and work well. They look ugly - can't help that. The double pedal got splattered by brown stain during a home remodel project but we didn't realize it until it had already dried. So don't worry, what looks like happened to it didn't actually happen to it. You get exactly...