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    Interesting snare

    A friend just gave me a Pearl 5x13 steel shell snare drum. Made in Taiwan. I didn't expect much but it is pretty cool sounding, especially when cranked. Talk about bright and crisp. Sounds like a drum corps marcher! Never have had a Pearl product and never used a side snare, but things may change.
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    how to remove reverb posting

    So how do I remove a posting on reverb that has been sold?
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    Badge ID help

    Does anybody know what brand this may be? It is on a 6" tom that was recovered from the Nagasaki ruins. Early Hoshino? wink wink.
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    drum bags/be-bop sizes

    Anybody have 12,14, 18 bags laying round that you don't need? Would be interested in even one bag in one of the sizes. Traditional depths thanks
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    value of 18" B8?

    Title says it all. $60 too much?
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    mystery cymbal

    I recently bought a kit that came with cymbals. The ride cymbal is an 18" @ about 2080 g, and has no stamp or ink anywhere on it. Could be a cut down cymbal? Any manufacturers that sometimes didn't stamp? Looks to be an A or a 602. Sound like a 602 somewhat because of it's high pitch, but that...
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    Leedy snare $150 SOLD!

    Leedy 5x14 COB 6 lug snare drum. Probably from '30s. $150+shipping from 98349.
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    can anyone tell me about this HH stand? What year? Desirable?
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    pre serial 602 ride SOLD!

    We have here a pre serial Paiste 20" ride cymbal. Medium weight @ 2454g. $175+shipping from 98349. Slight keyhole. Great stick. Nice wash and very crushable.
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    Old calf heads SOLD!

    Six (6) calfskin heads. One torn. 2 13" 4 14" 2 13s have radio king logos. $100+shipping from 98349.
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    prologic thunderkick

    Wanted to buy. Prologic Thunderkick BD practice pad.
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    Shipping with Greyhound

    Last week I tried something new. I shipped a 3 piece drum set through Greyhound shipping service. From Tacoma Wa to Oceanside CA. The shipping office had irregular hours which was a bit of a hassle since I live an hour away, but I got the drums there and paid $138 to get them on the bus. They...
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    Anybody have any experience with this brand? Am looking at a local bop kit. Don't know the wood species
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    Maple bop kit

    wanted to buy; Maple bop kit, 18 14 12 like PDP or Mapex or custom for under $600.
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    PDP LX series orphans

    Anybody out there that might have a 14" and/or an 18" LX series orphans they would part with, I would be interested. Trying to make a bop kit.
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    Lost my best friend

    Last night my best friend and one of my oldest musical partners passed away after years of battling cancer and heart disease. Considered by many as the best B-3 player in the Pacific Northwest he will be greatly missed. His name was Clifford "Buck" England. RIP.
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    butt plate

    What is the optimum distance from the bottom of the shell to the butt plate?
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    remo no collar SS heads

    Any body had any experience with the no collar snare side heads. Don't care much for the collar ones as they draw down too much when cranked. Prefer ludwig SS, but hard to find.
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    sold '28 ludwig black beauty

    It's gone. Hard one to let go,
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    SOLD '28 Ludwig Black Beauty

    Hate to see it go, but... Had this since 1975. 5x14. 10 lugs. All original except for heads, wires and 2 rim clips that were replaced with genuine old BB clips from Mike Curotto. Original case. I am the second owner of this drum as I bought it from the original owner. I have gigged this drum and...