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  1. tdcrjeff

    Crazy rare psych red pioneer alert, but wait…

    Reasonable facsimile for 0.3% of the price:
  2. tdcrjeff

    Vistalite Percussion.

    I've seen it on pinterest: Also here:
  3. tdcrjeff

    Metal Lords - Netflix movie

  4. tdcrjeff

    Metal Lords - Netflix movie

    Yeah, the guitarist character in particular was really unlikable. Jaeden Martell worked with Glen Sobel to learn how to drum. The story is loosely based on writer D.B. Weiss (of Game of Thrones fame) HS rock band experiences.
  5. tdcrjeff

    OT Guitar forums?

    I'd also recommend TDPRI, you don't have to be a Telecaster player. :-) Also TGP:
  6. tdcrjeff

    slightly OT... FENDER American Made Guitars no longer MADE IN USA?!?!

    That's a pretty wide river, Corona is about 110 miles north of the Mexico border. The Fender Mexico factory is in Ensenada, about 75 miles south of the USA border.
  7. tdcrjeff

    The Who go really acoustic...

    "Quadrophenia" came out in 1973. The movie came out in 1979.
  8. tdcrjeff

    The Who go really acoustic...

    This was just a one-off benefit show. THE WHO HITS BACK! Tour will feature THE WHO’s full live band comprised of guitarist/backup singer Simon Townshend, keyboardist Loren Gold, second keyboardist Emily...
  9. tdcrjeff

    Rock n’ Roller Cart Choice

    R8 for me as well. Borrowed one for this gig last year and then bought one. 5 piece Ludwig Hollywood sizes (22/12/13/16/14) and extra gear for recording as well.
  10. tdcrjeff

    OT: Fried Chicken

    The Plaza Inn at Disneyland.
  11. tdcrjeff

    Never really listened to The Who

    The Pictures of Lily set.
  12. tdcrjeff

    Vocalist Opinion Question. Robert Plant - United Kingdom Product used - Wedge-03
  13. tdcrjeff

    Spooky’s Mum here!
  14. tdcrjeff

    OT: Eva Cassidy "Autumn Leaves"

    Yeah, fantastic. That and Wayfaring Stranger are my two favorite Eva tracks.
  15. tdcrjeff

    Green Drums Thread

    I've done that with red/green Vistalites.
  16. tdcrjeff

    Joke Thread

  17. tdcrjeff

    Green Drums Thread

    Green Vistalites, using FT as a cocktail with the pedal underneath.
  18. tdcrjeff

    Ludwig Classic Set?

    156000 serial number doesn't make sense, are you sure there aren't 7 digits and not 6? They are more likely late 70s 6-ply, not 3-ply with re-rings. Does the inside edge look like this (with lip): or this (straight edge):
  19. tdcrjeff

    Doobie Bros! 1982!

    Laser disc release.