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  1. maxb2k

    Thanks to the Fred Below thread…

    There’s so many ways to play a shuffle. . . . Stylistically this reminds me of a Sam Lay groove. He played that skip beat, or dotted eight note combined with back beat. It feels very much a shuffle to me.
  2. maxb2k

    Paiste set around Traditional 22

    Modern Essentials 15 hats are such great players. They remind me of my favorite pair of ‘70’s Zil New Beats. M.E. play fast, the top/bottom weights have a good spread, good chick (IMHO sorry Heartbeat), warm sizzle or slosh, but most important for me is how well they sit in the mix. Their...
  3. maxb2k

    Flat Bell Cymbal????

    I just acquired a Sound Creation Short Crash, and happily concur with this. The distinctive bell, which is quite shallow is designed to limit the ring according to Paiste. What TPC describes as a flat ride-like tone I would call more of a narrow frequency range. Doing an A-B against a 16“...
  4. maxb2k

    OT: Anyone See the new Mandalorian Spin-off, Book of Boba Fett?

    Agreed - definitely the western. I think George Lucas himself described the Star Wars films as space opera meets western. I love all the Clint Eastwood westerns. Talk about a slow burn adventure genre that pays off. P.s. Loved the evil blue gunslinger. (is it a stretch to say he has some...
  5. maxb2k

    OT: Anyone See the new Mandalorian Spin-off, Book of Boba Fett?

    Thé finale made me eat my words regarding the first episode. If you’re a Star Wars fan, it truly felt like watching one of the “good“ Star Wars films. I didn’t want it to end, and it left me wanting more.
  6. maxb2k

    Flat Tire Groove

    Love flat tire grooves ! A good example of one is Bobby Blue Bland’s, Further On Uo the Road. Thé flat tire, as I know it essentially is four on the floor, cymbal pattern can be either a swing ride pattern, and or shuffle dotted eighth note. And the snare is playEd on the uo beat (ah). Usually...
  7. maxb2k

    PAISTES!!!! 602 blue label +

    Very kool collection of blue label Paistes. What is the weight of the 15“ Sound Edge, and 15 heavy ? Thanks.
  8. maxb2k

    OT: Anyone See the new Mandalorian Spin-off, Book of Boba Fett?

    Loved the “cyclops“ monster fight scene at the end. A nod to the great Ray Harryhausen‘s claymation creatures. The movement very claymation like. Other than that I too was dissapointed. Long on action, short on any sort if character/plot development. Also reappearing, the same music score...
  9. maxb2k

    A Tale of Two Bounce Rides

    The clusters are very pronounced, you’re right. I have a 16“ Cluster crash, and the clusters are no where near how they are on the proto ride. Indeed it was a memorable experience, thanks. i came at the tail end of thé event, but was fortunate to meet the heavies in the room . . .John Riley...
  10. maxb2k

    A Tale of Two Bounce Rides

    I have a Bounce prototype 20 “ bought new at Memphis Drum Shop’s Zildjian day, 2010. Paul Francis was very kind and gracious in helping me go through the cymbals he had on offer. Brought me to the artist’s hospitality tent where I met Peter Erskine who’s signature graces this bounce prototype...
  11. maxb2k

    Rogers Dyno-Matic Hi-Hat Stand (RDH7) Review

    Excellent review rstange1. Now that you have your pedal more dialed in could you compare and contrast with your vintage swivomatic hihat specifically regarding foot action, which one is more responsive, and how the two compare weight wise? Also, does the foot stop present any kind of...
  12. maxb2k

    Advice needed Re-ring repair Slingerland

    It’s my understanding that as wood ages and dries out it becomes more résonant. Wouldn’tapplying oil to the shells interiors defeat this?
  13. maxb2k

    Ludwig Jazz Fest 2019 reissue..will a P-83 throw-off fits same holes as current installed P-88?

    Wonder if those civil war soldiers will use the gps in their new pace cars to get to the battle field or use good ol’ fashion maps? i think co’s like Ludwig can be a victim of their own succes. If what you say is true regarding OBP and most guys it’s a real shame. Maybe from a players...
  14. maxb2k

    Ludwig Jazz Fest 2019 reissue..will a P-83 throw-off fits same holes as current installed P-88?

    There certainly are some fine vintage Jazzfest examples for less money than the new 2019 Jazzfest. But if the Ringo factor, and/or the Oyster Black Pearl finish is something your after than that’s A different story. i also think the new P88 strainer is a great design. Minimalist, form follows...
  15. maxb2k

    Celebrating my 5th. Anniversary !

    Congratulations !
  16. maxb2k

    Update!! I bought a new kit! (Classic Maple's) Set up pics!

    Hey Irod, congratulations on your forever kit. Ludwig Classic Maples are great sounding drums, and the Black Oyster Pearl finish are a classic for good reason. Well done!!
  17. maxb2k

    Help me decide on 3-ply or 6-ply! 20 or 22

    Sounds like both kits are player grade so that sorta evens the score. The value is what you determine. Play what you love. However if I were touring it would definitely be a 22” bass drum. You’ll be playing stages small to large, and everything in between, and IMHO the 22 will serve you better.
  18. maxb2k

    Need your help ASAP on this!

    $400.00 actually is what one could expect to pay for a 14“ floor tom. Not many of them around, right? Also matching your existing? The repair cost shouldn’t be that much if done locally.
  19. maxb2k

    Buyer beware or not? Opinions?

    This was my impression. The 8x12 wrap doesn’t match the other two drums. The sparkle looks a little flat and dull. Older vintage gold sparkle (more yellow), while the floor tom and bass drum look newer gold sparkle (orange). Also, why is there no interior picture of the 8x12, or have I...
  20. maxb2k

    Paiste 20" 2002 Black Label Rides

    My Black label 20” is 2119g. Very versatile, musical ride. I use it quite a bit as my main ride.