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  1. Troyh

    Happy Birthday Jim Keltner!

    Amazing drummer, amazing feel, amazing human being. So many great parts, it's hard to choose just one. Hats off to Buster Sidebury!
  2. Troyh

    Rebeats Chicago Show: What are you bringing to sell/trade, looking for, or displaying?

    Post any of the above. I'm looking for a Thermogloss 'Ritchie' set and bringing a bunch of snares for sale or trade. I'll post my snare list after I've decided which of 'my preciouses' I'm bringing. Might also be bringing a 60's Super classic set if I can get the dang nickel polishing completed!
  3. Troyh

    Ringo's Hollywood Set: When the switch to calfskin

    In Get Back, it looks like he is using 'regular' heads, but in many interviews, talking of AR in particular, he has said he switched to calfskin. Are my deceiving me, or perhaps it was after the Get Back sessions? Any thoughts or insights?
  4. Troyh

    Glyn Johns Drum miking

    Pretty interesting:
  5. Troyh

    Ringo's Ching Ring used during Get Back sessions?

    Paging Mr. Astridge! (Or anyone else). RS is using a rectangular 'ring', and, of course, I need one! Any idea of make/model? Thanks, Troy
  6. Troyh

    Favorite Charlie fills and grooves

    (First posted in the Hoffman forums) This very moment, I'd have to go with 'Rocks Off' but I have many.,..
  7. Troyh

    Conner Mikata, (Nude Party) Vintage Sets

    The Nude Party's, being one of my newtome fav bands, drummer Conner Mikata must have several different vintage kits. In all the clips I've seen, is playing several different makes. I've seen Slingeys, WFL, Fibes,and, I think Trixon, all being played by this tasteful drummer. We've been...
  8. Troyh

    Leedy Utility 4 × 15 Brass Snare. Project Drum $40

    Okay kids, this drum I believe to be a Leedy 4 x 15, solid brass snare, ( defer to others to be sure!). Has the screw double tension rods, only 3 of which remain. (Original Leedy reso and busted batter heads, w/ original cat gut snare....see pics.) This is one of those projects that has been...
  9. Troyh

    Mitch Mitchell Fan Club Chicago Show Interview

    Had the pleasure of talking to Kevin at the show this year about a very deserving topic. <iframe src="" width="560" height="314"...
  10. Troyh

    Martin Chambers

    Finally is on the latest Pretenders lp, 'Hate For Sale', having been sidelined by studio cats since 2002's lp. There's just something about his playing that 'makes' the band become The Pretenders. Influential, for me, from self titled to today.
  11. Troyh

    OT-Historic Day, Woolton Fete

    Between sets at this Garden 'fair', McCartney meets the Quarrymen and things wouldn't be the same. I say one of the most important days in rock history.
  12. Troyh

    The Nude Party's Conner Mikata

    Mikata, (sp) drums for one of (newtome) fav bands and plays in sweet 'pockets' perfect for this group. Also, he always is playing a vintage set. Slingerland, Hayman, Ludwig, etc. and
  13. Troyh

    Volunteers Needed for DFO Booth at ReBeats Chicago Show

    Team DFO, I will have to be leaving fairly early on Saturday and we are needing volunteers to occupy the DFO booth at the show. Please post here if you could sit for an hour or two. Thanks, Troy
  14. Troyh

    Collecting Podcast: Gary Astridge and Ringo's Drums

    Team, Gary, (forum member) joined us for a discussion about Ringo's drums. It is always a blast talking to Gary and his vast expertise, (not to mention experiences) with these drums. We mention the forum a couple of times and get into the 'weeds' gear wise.
  15. Troyh

    Kind of off topic: Bermuda's New Book

    Special thanks to Drumkat for our theme song! And extra special thanks to (dfo member) Jon 'Bermuda' Schwartz!
  16. Troyh

    Elliott Snare

    Recently came across this baby. Not a lot of info. Very unusual and. Imho, very cool. 16 lugs, single ply, original calf skins More pics coming
  17. Troyh

    Two Episodes of Ringo on SATB

    Team, Robert Rodriguez's 'Something About the Beatles' has a great two part series on 'our Ritchie'. Robert is a member here and also a fellow drummer. Check it out here: The episodes are titled, 'Ringo Forensics' pt. 1 and 2. If you happen to listen...
  18. Troyh

    Ben Dixon on Patton's 'Along Came John'

    Digging his drumming on this release. (I'm not familiar with him at all.) Not as intricate as some but not a basher, either. 'Gee Gee' is a good example. Check it out on youtube.
  19. Troyh

    'Instant Karma' RSD Alan White

    ...coming this April. Here's White's take:
  20. Troyh

    Dino Danelli

    Been listening to some (Young) Rascals. Made me remember how great he can play. Seems under- appreciated. Anyway, Youtube him and be rewarded!