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    Sabian HH Manhattans

    Have a 22" HH Manhattan @ 2552 g. Great cymbal! Nice stick, pleasant wash and lots of edge wobble. My main ride for a couple of years. I have a new main ride now. A 20" Agop special edition jazz ride.
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    Nothin' like a great shuffle...

    If your shuffle ain't swingin' you're doin' it wrong.
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    Interesting snare

    A friend just gave me a Pearl 5x13 steel shell snare drum. Made in Taiwan. I didn't expect much but it is pretty cool sounding, especially when cranked. Talk about bright and crisp. Sounds like a drum corps marcher! Never have had a Pearl product and never used a side snare, but things may change.
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    Can We Re-visit Hearing Aids?

    Amen to this. I lost 2 hearing aids this winter due to behind the ear overload. Glasses, mask and hearing aids make it impossible to remove your mask without dislodging your hearing aids. I learned the hard way not to take off my mask until I am seated in the car.
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    Greet, swap, sell, play Sunday July 17th Alexander Park, Chehalis, WA

    So is this a drummers event or a general swap meet?
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    Met IanS

    My best shot is the Bremerton ferry. There is one in Federal Way, but I-5. Have not been to town since covid.
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    Met IanS

    Been dreaming about a Dicks Deluxe, fries and chocolate shake for over a year. Can't face I-5 though. Haven't been to town for over 2 years! Had a small DFO hang at my house last summer for my drummers garage sale. Good times.
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    DFO's All Time Best Score

    1928 Ludwig black Beauty. 5x14. $50.
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    Barton drum co drum bags!

    I have an 18,12,14 set coming, but they are bogged down in Kentucky due to weather issues.
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    Your favorite Jazz Vocal recordings and videos

    Haven't read the whole post, but my favorite records are Nina Simone "Little Girl Blue" and "King Pleasure Sings" featuring King Pleasure and Lambert, Hendrix and Ross. Both very important to me in my formative years.
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    how to remove reverb posting

    Thanks Loss! Worked great.
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    how to remove reverb posting

    So how do I remove a posting on reverb that has been sold?
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    Name your vintage kit(s)

    Been clearing out all my stuff. Only kit left is Sonor teardrops in Rosewood. One of the most beautiful kits I have owned.
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    Jazz Albums - What are you listening to?

    VSOP. My man Tony. And some of his best friends. Stunning art and craftsmanship. Jazz at a very high level. Am sorting LPs to take to community yard sale and found this one in the pile of outgoing and saved it as wells an Art Blakey night inn Tunisia.
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    I like to get to the gig an hour early. Load in and setup takes about 15-20 min. Then chat, chew and not true until showtime. I hate being rushed.
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    Badge ID help

    I hope it is not radioactive.
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    Badge ID help

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    Badge ID help

    Maybe a pic of the drum will help.
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    Badge ID help

    Does anybody know what brand this may be? It is on a 6" tom that was recovered from the Nagasaki ruins. Early Hoshino? wink wink.