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  1. Cartermclean

    Carter McLean BALANCE 5.5" Snare drum demo

    This was a prototype of my BALANCE snare that is coming out in Sept. We only did one 5.5" and it just moved into the Lion KING theatre in NYC. Sounds incredible. Hope you enjoy it LINK
  2. Cartermclean

    Carter McLean and Charlie Hunter DUO ENTIRE SHOW IN NYC!

    I got to play a really amazing duo show at Rockwood Music hall a few weeks ago with the incredible Charlie Hunter. If you are not familiar with him check him out. Playing the Bass and guitar parts same time. Amazing. Link here
  3. Cartermclean


    Just wanted to say is up and running!!!! Matt Johnson and myself are teaching in a real world type of way. Really proud of the site. Also I have a new sig snare available it's unbelievable