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  1. Jolo

    Price Check on Gretsch 125th Anniversary Set.

    I have an offer to trade my Mahogany Jazzette set with excellent chrome, though it does have scratches and a switched 60's front hoop, for a 2008 Cadillac Green/Gold Hardware 20,12 14,4x14 that is new in the boxes (Never played). I would like to know the value of the Gretsch set. Thank you.
  2. Jolo

    Camco LA Stradivarius 20/8/10/12/13/14/15

    Here’s a rare set. A Stradivarius 14x20 bass drum with 5.5x8, 6.5x10, 8x12, 9x13, 10x14, 12x15 toms in Pristine Condition. The 8 and 10 toms have the factory bottom bearing edges so heads could be added by switching to center lugs. I always thought this would be a great set for a recording studio.
  3. Jolo

    LA Camco 14x14 - 40% or 60% Off!

    Many years ago I bought an LA Camco 14x20 with a Slingerland tom mount and this 14x14 that was sawed in half or close to half - 6 and 8 inches... Yikes! I guess the owner thought it was a good idea at the time. Now I have a few options: 1. Glue the two pieces back together to make the...
  4. Jolo

    Rogers Mardi Gras Beavertail Powertone or Tower Snare

    Looking for an original Beavertail lug snare drum, not a converted Bread & Butter lug snare drum. I know these are rare but there are some out there. I'd like to add it to my 20/12/14 Beavertail set.
  5. Jolo

    Happy Birthday Billy Gladstone - Here’s his Billy Gladstone Snare Drum

    Billy Gladstone was born on December 15, 1893 and died in October of 1961. He was a giant in the percussion world, being a master drummer, percussionist, inventor, drum builder, and educator. A lot of info is available about him online but better yet, a wonderful book by Chet Falzerano is also...
  6. Jolo

    Happy Birthday Viola Smith - Here’s her Billy Gladstone Snare Drum

    Viola Smith was born on November 29, 1912 and became one of the first professional female drummers. She died on October 21, 2020 at the age of 107. There is more info and videos of this amazing woman online. Here is her Billy Gladstone snare drum in pristine condition with original finish and...
  7. Jolo

    R.I.P. Eddie Knight - Camco Endorser/Dealer, Educator, Band Leader, Entertainer, Comedian

    Eddie Knight, 87, from South Bend, IN passed away last Tuesday. As a teenager he hung around at the George Way factory were they gave him the nickname, Bebop, and he was close friends with all the factory personal, including George Way and later Camco (Oaklawn) president, John Rochon. He became...
  8. Jolo

    Viola Smith's Billy Gladstone Snare Drum

    Here is the amazing Viola Smith's Birdseye Maple 6" x 14" Billy Gladstone snare drum. She died last Wednesday, October 21st at the age of 107. There's much more info on her incredible life in the General Section.
  9. Jolo

    Mini Slingerland/Ludwig One Tripper

    Here's a highly concocted and wonderful sounding little one trip kit: 60's Sling. 6 1/2 x 18 marching bass that had a clip mount diamond plate so the Ludwig tom plate only required one extra hole. Early 60's Ludwig 3 x 13 snare I recovered in walnut because the original finish was shot. 10 and...
  10. Jolo

    Happy Birthday Billy Gladstone

    William Goldstein was born in Romania on December 12, 1893. Master drummer, percussionist, teacher, inventor, and drum builder. For more info on this incredible person, buy the book by Chet Falzerano and support all authors who help service our vintage drum community. Happy Birthday Billy!
  11. Jolo

    Fibes Austin 20" Bass Drum

    I'm looking for a 20" Fibes Austin era bass drum, preferably non-wrapped, to refinish in Amber Lacquer. Any depth shell is fine.
  12. Jolo

    Bosphorus Oracle 20" Ride Cymbal

    I'm looking for one of these in good condition. Thanks, Joe
  13. Jolo

    How rare are Pre-Serial Ludwig 12x18 bass drums?

    Just wondering if Pre-Serial 12x18's are kind of rare or medium rare. Here's a well done "Baby Ringo" 12x18 with clear maple interior, 8x12, 14x14, Super Classic.
  14. Jolo

    60"s Ludwig 12 x 15 Tom

    Looking for a cheap 15" Keystone badge tom to cut in half for a telescoping rehearsal kit. A maple outer ply lacquer or non sparkle finish (WMP, Black Diamond, etc.) would be preferred. Must be in round. Extra small holes are fine. Thanks.
  15. Jolo

    60's Gretsch Midnight Blue 14 x 14 Floor Tom

    Looking for a Round Badge model to complete a set. Thanks.
  16. Jolo

    Fibes Austin 20" Bass Drum

    Looking for a any depth non wrapped 20" Austin era bass drum to refinish in Amber lacquer. A few extra small holes are acceptable. May even consider a shell without hardware. Thanks.
  17. Jolo

    Most Amazing Drum Available

    Wow, I've got a once in a lifetime opportunity to pull the trigger on a deal for one of the most amazing drums in vintage drum history... Unbelievable! Just the thought of owning this incredible piece of musical history makes me s**t, Oprah's on, Gotta go
  18. Jolo

    Nice LA Camco 18?12/14/SN on ebay

    Sweet little LA kit. Not many of these around.
  19. Jolo

    Ludwig COB Supra-Phonic Experts - Weird badge question.

    I recently looked at a fellow's one owner transition badge 5x14 Supra. This drum was in mint to NOS condition complete with the original calf heads. The weird part of the drum was how the badge was attached. Instead of a spacer sleeve between the inside shell and grommet flange this drum had two...