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  1. sudbud

    Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute

    Ok cool, nice setup you got there! Do you have any other Yamaha kits?
  2. sudbud

    WTB Yamaha Birch/Maple custom absolute 13 in vintage natural or silver sparkle

    I have a 13x11 vintage natural from early-mid 2000’s Do you have a kit you are trying to complete?
  3. sudbud

    Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute

    Hey y’all, I am on the lookout for any late 90’s/early 2000’s Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute drums-I would most interested in Silver Sparkle, vintage natural and piano black finishes but am not opposed to other finishes. Please hit me up if you have something you would want to sell. Thanks! : )