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  1. drumflyer

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    The stock market is in the crapper! I’ve decided to invest in precious metals: 15”Mantra HH 19”XSIST Crash 22”Mantra Ride
  2. drumflyer

    Hi hat stand suggestions

    I had 46 gigs this past fall,winter and spring. All of them I used a DW 6000 flat based HH. Still looks like new and plays like it just came out of the box. Can’t say enough good about it!
  3. drumflyer

    Does anyone else NOT like 16" floor toms?

    I always liked a 16 until I got my DW Collectors maple in 2018. I now love just having a 14 on the floor. I can tune it as low as I need to and it sounds wonderful. I play a 4 piece 20,12,14,14. When I ordered the kit I also had them build a 16 but I really never use it. I get a lot of...
  4. drumflyer

    I love watching cymbal demos on YouTube until they start doing this...

    The Paiste sound room does it best. Same pattern, bell, body, edge sounds. Cymbal demos should follow a pattern like this so one can see and hear the differences between different cymbals. IMHO
  5. drumflyer

    Small Kit Drummers in Classic Rock

    And don’t forget:
  6. drumflyer

    Ugg, found another cracked Paiste. This time, my 20” 2002 crash

    Wow! That sucks. You’ve had a run of bad luck lately, first the broken bass drum head and now this. At this rate you’ll have to start charging more to gig! I haven’t ever cracked a cymbal playing rock and country. All brands. Guess I’d rather be lucky than good! Hope this doesn’t jinx me.
  7. drumflyer

    Another Lightweight HW thread

    Love my DW lightweight and also the ultra lightweight. Both have a boom that work great.
  8. drumflyer

    Stewart Copeland’s comb

    No way, I’m sure he has an endorsement with Goody. I hear they pay him BIG BUCKS!
  9. drumflyer

    Ronnie Vannucci Jr moving to Istanbul?

    So asking a “stupid” question(although I’ve always said the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked) does Istanbul make any “bright” sounding cymbals? I see lots of rock and country drummers going to Istanbul cymbals but I always thought they made “dark Jazz like” cymbals. I really...
  10. drumflyer

    Long time Forum members survey

    Been here since 99-2000 time frame. Always been a great place to learn about one of the great loves of my life, playing drums! I’m glad a lot of us “old guys” are still here.
  11. drumflyer

    Taylor Hawkins - RIP

    Sad for rock and roll. Prayers for his family and friends.
  12. drumflyer

    Summer Concerts -- Who Are You Seeing?

    Randall King in May so far. Hope more to come!
  13. drumflyer

    How much practice?

    As long as it takes to feel comfortable with the new material.
  14. drumflyer

    Another Gadd Aja Story

    I saw Steve at a workshop he did for Bentleys in Fresno about 15 years ago. He told the story about 50 Ways to Leave your Lover. Paul Simon was very uncertain about how he wanted the pace and beat of the song to be. Apparently they’d been working on it for many hours and Paul was close to...
  15. drumflyer


    Last Sunday we played at an outdoor restaurant/bar and made almost $150 each in tips. 5 piece band. That’s the most I’ve made in tips in a long time. Just wondering how you gigging guys are doing tip wise? Seems folks are ready to spend all that cash they’ve been sitting on the last few years! Ha!
  16. drumflyer

    Don Was on Charlie Watts

    Or if you’re a truck driver…..
  17. drumflyer

    OT: Winter Olympics Anyone?

    How about a drumming competition!!!!!
  18. drumflyer

    OT: Winter Olympics Anyone?

    ^^^^^^^ This I would watch!!!
  19. drumflyer

    OT: Winter Olympics Anyone?

    Haven’t watched 1 minute of them. Just feels wrong to watch them.
  20. drumflyer

    OT, Where do your bands get your “merch” from

    Looking to get tshirts, stickers and hats for the band. What companies do you use to get your merch? Thanks! This in no way shape or form is meant to promote any company. Just for informational purposes only!!!!