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  1. wolfereeno

    Zildjian Crash of Doom 20 no label 285 shipped.

    Great as a Left side Ride, crash ride, or for quiet gigs. Also a great alternative to a swish or china The labels were removed by previous owner Great condition - no nicks or dings. I have a second one I repaired a crack in and this was bought as a backup. But my repair's held and I never...
  2. wolfereeno

    Istanbul Agop 20.5" 25th anniversary ride cymbal

    Istanbul Agop 20.5" 25th anniversary ride cymbal. 1856 gms -- Great weight. I have two and am just keeping one. Dark, smokey, versatile jazz ride. Great for Left side Ride and quieter gigs.
  3. wolfereeno

    Stereo Amp for driving small studio monitors

    Anyone have an old crown, bryston, etc stereo amp that is suitable for driving a pair of small studio speakers like avantones? Doesn't need much power and the smaller the better. 1U This is the kind of amp someone might have for stage monitors or studio use.
  4. wolfereeno

    Organelle V1, $350 shipped.

    Anyone interested in an Organelle synth, V1? It's an amazing open source synth platform that does effects, sampling, granular synthesis, analog emulations, sequencing, looping... It's a lot of fun. You can connect it to midi controllers, edrums, a computer, or just use the fiddley wooden...
  5. wolfereeno

    Three 20's

    Three 20's! Paiste 20 Signature Flat Ride. [SOLD] Agop 25th Anniversary, 1856gms [moved to reverb] 20 Crash of Doom, 2040gms [moved to reverb] Con US only thx. Paypal friends.
  6. wolfereeno

    SOLD - Pls Delete: Mackie Big Knob $45+$5 shipping and Behringer XR18 Mixer $500+$20 shipping

    Behringer XR18 Mixer -- $500 + $20 shipping. (or nyc pickup) Home Studio, Club, Stage submix, great for drummers or keyboard players. * Mint condition. * Great for a small club, practice room, or home studio. * A rack mounted 18 channel mixer that you can control remotely from your ipad...
  7. wolfereeno

    Tempus 4.5x13 Yellow Snare - 425 plus shipping

    I'm finally ready to part with a lovely Yellow Tempus 4.5x13 FG snare. I've been on the fence about it for years but I have a nearly identical Orange Sparkle one that I use all the time. Plus wife is planning to redo the bathroom. This is well built-out w a sturdy Tama strainer & nylon bushings...
  8. wolfereeno

    Midi Hub / USB converter - iconnectivity Midi 4+ $60

    Midi hub lets you merge 4 MIDI ins and Outs with DIN plugs and also integrate USB midi. You can use this to interface midi to a computer that doesn't have midi in/out capabilities This works for an iOS device too, so you can record midi or trigger apps on your iphone or ipad from a drum...
  9. wolfereeno

    DW Bass drum lift $70

    DW DWCP9908CR DL Bass Drum Lifter Mint - Never used or mounted. Great for a FT to BD conversion or even as a lift for an 16 or 18 bd. When it came down to it, I just couldn't drill the drum I intended to use it on. They go for $89 new but for some reason they seem to be back ordered...
  10. wolfereeno

    Yamaha Musashi 13 snare

    Any interest in a great condition oak Yamaha Musashi 13 snare? $225 + shipping from NYC
  11. wolfereeno

    Arturia BeatStep Pro - White

    A white Beatstep pro sequencer for midi and eurorack CV. The latest version. Mint condition with midi and USB splitter cables. $150 + shipping. I'm in NYC (10025) I'm just using ableton these days and am trying to save space.
  12. wolfereeno

    Learning Vibes or Piano?

    Vibes or Piano? I'm interested in learning both actually. I can read drumcharts but I don't read staff very well. I'm mostly interested in being able to learn common cords and scales to be able to improvise. Blues in in any key type stuff and following chord charts. I also want to...
  13. wolfereeno

    Guitar and Synth GAS? Maybe but drums don't seem too insane.

    I sure am glad I don't give a flying V about guitars, amps or effects pedals. The used drum market seems reasonably calm. Six figures for a Amp? Seven for a Les Paul? One could dig...
  14. wolfereeno

    SOLD Acronova Nimbie CD / DVR Bulk copier/writer on ebay

    Disk ripping and duplicating robot! Finally solved my miserable mess of MP3's and reripped all my CD's. I ripped em to FLAC, setup Roon, and packed the disks away into storage eventually to give away or sell. Greatest Covid project ever as we need the space...
  15. wolfereeno

    SOLD: Lexicon MX200 Dual Reverb effects processor - $155 shipped. Dual reverb and multi effects device. Great for Live or Studio use. It's only been used in my no-smoking home. Ideal for drums, vocals, modular, etc. It has a USB connection, midi in/out, Stereo in and out, s/pdif, and a foot switch connection...
  16. wolfereeno

    Fibes snare q

    I have a fibes FG snare that has a re-ring flange molded into the shell. I am looking at another Fibes that has no re-rings. I can see on the badge that this one is a Nazareth era drum. I'm not exactly sure where mine was made because the badge is heavily worn. But they both have the...
  17. wolfereeno

    WTB: TASCAM 4T Cassette?

    WTB or Trade? Anyone have an old Tascam Portastudio they might be willing to sell or even rent?! I need one to transfer music off about 20 tapes to a computer. I won't doing any recording or even any FF/RW! Just a one time xfer for each tape. My Portastudio One has a problem that just...
  18. wolfereeno

    A Vibra Taco?

    This is a new one on me!
  19. wolfereeno

    Zildjian FX Raw?

    Holy Moly, never saw this before! I thought it was a joke where some dude tried to forge his own cymbal and drew a Zildjian logo on it. But no, for $299 you could have this awesome mess of a cymbal. I am fighting like hell NOT to covet this...
  20. wolfereeno

    SOLD 70's speedking BD pedal $20

    A bit dirty and squeaks. But works fine. $20 plus shipping