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  1. Erik

    MIJ - Stencil Blue Sparkle 16" floor tom

    I have a 60's stencil kit - 20-12-14 and would like to add a 16" blue sparkle floor tom. Let me know what you have!
  2. Erik

    Dusty Hill - RIP

    Dusty Hill Rolling Stone reporting that Dusty Hill has passed
  3. Erik

    There is an earlier thread re: Joe Porcaro has passed

    Just saw this - Give Jeff a hug
  4. Erik

    Studio reference monitors? Looking for recomendations

    Hello, I'm looking for recommendations & advice... What is a good value powered monitor pair in the $500 - $700 range? They will primarily be used for video game sound design but will also be used for film projects too.
  5. Erik

    New Ludwig Anniversary Limited Edition

    Not sure how long this has been on their web site, but this is beautiful!
  6. Erik

    Grooviest cover tunes

    Some friends are putting a cover band together and we want to build a set list that is bluesy, rootsy, greasy, funky and fun. Deep cuts of classic rock will probably make up the bulk of our early efforts. We have guitar,bass and drums and looking to add keys. Songs from Galactic, Blackberry...
  7. Erik

    18” Zildjian Rock Crash

    my brother is selling one of our dad’s cymbals to cover some expenses. Link here - Please contact him directly
  8. Erik


    I know I'm late to this party, but I really like this band. Drummer, Jay Postones is fantastic. Similar vein as Porcupine Tree... All I've been listening to for almost 2 weeks
  9. Erik

    Quest Loves new Ludwig kit

    He's got a new kit the looks kinds like Psyc Red, but in a lacquer? Anyone have details on the new finish? I checked and their FB page.
  10. Erik

    About Time

    <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe><p><a href="">About Time</a> from <a href="">SFI Productions</a> on <a...
  11. Erik

    Little nervous

    I joined a cover band a couple of weeks ago and we've had 3 rehearsals and as of a couple minutes ago a gig, tomorrow night! 3 hours of music, no-breaks (well, one piano ballad). I feel pretty comfortable with what we have worked on, but we have not even run through about 1/2 the songs! The...
  12. Erik

    6/2019 Update. Even More new songs from my band, Whoa!Tiger

    Good morning, I have not posted any new music here in quite a while, I hope you like these two songs. I just got the master yesterday for "Days Gone By" and "Harp in Pocket" is only a couple of weeks old. We have 2 more that are almost done and more music that will be recorded soon. This is...
  13. Erik

    Happy Fathers Day!

    Wish we lived closer to each other, but very grateful I can call him. Found this recently, that's me on the left...
  14. Erik

    Unable to log in on Ipad

    Hello, I'm not able to log in, or stay logged in, from my Ipad. When I try, I just get bounced to the home screen. I did change my password, and I was able to log in, but as soon as I went to a Forum, I was logged out and was not able to log back in. I'm on the home computer now. Any...
  15. Erik

    Video of my band on TV

    We recorded an episode of "Inside Tracks" a while ago and I think it turned out pretty good. I wish the lead guitar was a little louder.
  16. Erik

    Help with Yamaha Bass drum legs

    Hello, I have a set of Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage drums and I have used them as my rehearsal kit for years. The last couple of weeks, the legs will fold back, even though the wing nut is still very tight. The internal mechanism is a male / female decagon shape. There is a little bit of...
  17. Erik

    Former band mate wants us to stop playing material he wrote or cowrote

    Ok, 1st a little back story. Our old guitarist left the band to take a job in another state. He left on good terms 3 years ago. While he was in the band we recorded and released an album and an EP. Most of the songs we co-wrote together, as a group. We did record a couple of songs our...
  18. Erik

    Entertainment/Music lawyer in Indianapolis

    Can anyone recommend a Music lawyer in Indianapolis? Erik
  19. Erik

    Which DVD to get?

    I haven't purchased a drum related DVD in a while & I'm thinking about either Groove Alchemy or A Modern Approach to New Orleans Drumming. Anyone have either of these? Is one better than the other?
  20. Erik

    Rediscovered 1966 Beatles Photos

    Link to the story here My link