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  1. drumflyer


    Last Sunday we played at an outdoor restaurant/bar and made almost $150 each in tips. 5 piece band. That’s the most I’ve made in tips in a long time. Just wondering how you gigging guys are doing tip wise? Seems folks are ready to spend all that cash they’ve been sitting on the last few years! Ha!
  2. drumflyer

    OT, Where do your bands get your “merch” from

    Looking to get tshirts, stickers and hats for the band. What companies do you use to get your merch? Thanks! This in no way shape or form is meant to promote any company. Just for informational purposes only!!!!
  3. drumflyer

    SPD one percussion help!

    Hi everyone, I purchased a Roland SPD one percussion last week. This is my first foray into electronic sounds as I’ve always played an acoustic kit. I’ve done some research online and can’t find info on how to download a sound into the unit. Particularly I would like a hand clap added to the...
  4. drumflyer

    Last nights Gig

    Had a great time playing at a golf club last night. Great crowd and the weather was perfect!!!!
  5. drumflyer

    Live overhead mics

    I did a search but couldn’t find a thread on it. (I’m sure there’s one). Anyway, you all that are gigging, what mics are you using for your overheads? Not talking recording mics but for live sound. I’ve got a pair of MXL 603s but they are extremely “hot”. thanks!
  6. drumflyer

    Bass drum head

    So, just wondering, how often do your bass drum heads break? Obviously talking about the batter head. I was reading on another thread that some folks take another bass drum head to gigs in case they put a hole in the one on the drum. Now, the last one I tore was my Sears kit 50+years ago and...
  7. drumflyer

    Botttom HH question

    So I’ve got a pair of Paiste 602 14” sound edge HH. I’d like to see if I buy a 602 medium bottom (not scalloped), will it work with the SE top? By work I mean not damage either cymbal. Anyone done this? I’m feeling like I’m concerned about nothing but just want to ask.
  8. drumflyer

    Back in the saddle!!!

    Had our first gig tonight since the China virus hit our shores. Great to play out but no dancing allowed. At least people we’re rocking their chairs!
  9. drumflyer

    May microphone system

    Ordered a new DW kit and was wondering if these are a good option specifically for the bass drum. Anyone here using them and let me know the good and bad. Thanks!
  10. drumflyer

    Time Pink Floyd

    Band wants to do this song and Ive listened and listened to it and need help. Is the tic toc before the guitar chord in sync with the song. Seems off to me and our keyboard player insists its in sync. Feels like its off. I may be wrong. Thanks.
  11. drumflyer

    Vocal processors

    Hey anyone using one of these things to get harmonies and other effects when playing guitar solo? If so, what are you using and are you happy with it? This is not meant as a discussion if it's right or wrong to use just informational. Thanks!
  12. drumflyer

    Roland ec-10 Cajon

    Is anyone using one of these electric Cajons on their gigs? Also anyone played one? Reviews please!
  13. drumflyer

    Rocker spurs

    I posted in wanted section but want to see if anyone has any ideas how to get a pair of 1980s rocker drum spurs. I've got a friend in Costa Rica that needs them. Thanks!
  14. drumflyer

    Replacing Ludwig heavy coated heads.

    Need to replace the heads on 13 & 16 on my Legacy Mahogany kit. Been on about a year. Are Remo amb the closest to the Ludwig heavys? Thanks!
  15. drumflyer

    Paiste 602 hats

    Are the top cymbals for the 602 classic hihats the same for sound edge and the mediums? Thanks!
  16. drumflyer

    Blues drummers

    Pls delete duplicate post.
  17. drumflyer

    Blues drummers

    So with the release of Eric Claptons new album, I was thinking about who are the great blues drummers both of yesterday and today. I'm more of an upbeat blues kind of guy so I liked Gadd when he was with Clapton and Chris Layton with SRV. Who do you all like or recommend a good listen to.
  18. drumflyer

    Bands first gig together

    Last Saturday we finally played out. Used the new Ludwig Legacy Mahogany kit and my Craviotto snare. I thought they sounded great!
  19. drumflyer

    Mixing for outdoor gig

    What is the easiest and/or best way to mic a 4 piece kit w/hats, crash and ride, for an outdoor gig. I have all the stuff to mic every drum and cymbal but is there an easier way to get the sound out there? I've done this before, it's been a long time and if I don't have to carry all the stands...
  20. drumflyer

    Lyrics app

    I know there have been discussions about apps before, but I need to find something that will work great for song lyrics. I need it to keep the bands set lists and have the lyrics move like a prompter. Does anyone know of an app for iPhone or iPad? Thanks!