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  1. robthetimekeeper

    RIP Ray Liotta

    Loved him in Operation: Dumbo Drop!
  2. robthetimekeeper

    Do you value anything autographed?

    My Sabian gong signed by Bob Zildjian. I play it all the time.
  3. robthetimekeeper

    Best Metallica album? Ever.

    Black Album was the peak of their popularity and musicality IMO. Best lyrics. Best groove. Best sound. Best marketing. Best tour. That said, Kill Em All is still my favorite, when they were young and hungry. Not to mention Cliff bad person Burton.
  4. robthetimekeeper

    Who Played the Biggest Drumset with a Touring Band?

    It's probably Peart. Back when he had the three sided kit with all the chimes and electronics.
  5. robthetimekeeper

    Dave Krusen sits in with Pearl Jam

    Apparently, Matt got Covid. Then the bassist got Covid and they had to cancel some shows. Guess he is not replaceable.
  6. robthetimekeeper

    Kenny Aronoff’s toothbrush

    It's not the brand, but the technique that's important. He holds the toothbrush still and moves his head around.
  7. robthetimekeeper

    OT - Gilbert Gottfried RIP

    Gilbert was a true comedy legend. RIP
  8. robthetimekeeper

    Dry Ice Cleaning/Blasting

    Dry ice can be a dangerous substance. Be sure to do your homework before handling it.
  9. robthetimekeeper

    Man Destroys Musician’s Drum Set With Axe - Now with Arrest Details!

    This incident happened just after 7am. That's too early for any kind of noise. Still no excuse for violence.
  10. robthetimekeeper

    Anyone watching the Grammies?

    Glad to see Louis CK win Comedy Album of the Year. He pulled it off again!
  11. robthetimekeeper

    French and German Grip Origins

    I used the YANKY grip a lot back in middle school.
  12. robthetimekeeper

    We now have 35,000 members

    35,000 members of which 35 make regular posts.
  13. robthetimekeeper

    Taylor Hawkins - RIP

    Their website shows they have more than 50 shows scheduled in 2022, half of which are already sold out.
  14. robthetimekeeper

    Never really listened to The Who

    "they were the first ones to ever really ROCK HARD!" - Jables
  15. robthetimekeeper

    Taylor Hawkins - RIP

    A great interview with Taylor.
  16. robthetimekeeper

    There’s A Scammer Among Us

    Money orders can be cancelled if they haven't yet been cashed.
  17. robthetimekeeper

    OT - Top country for classic rock artists

    The category was Classic Rock. ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Bass?
  18. robthetimekeeper

    Vocalist Opinion Question.

    In the 90s, I knew a singer who would write out all the lyrics on big sheets of poster board with a sharpie. He had a thick stack of gigantic cue cards that he would lay on the stage in front of himself and fumble with between songs. It was embarrassing to watch.