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    If You Could Play Drums for One Night with One Group, Who Would It Be?

    Great post! I’d have to say my old group (Sheena). And if I could get greedy it would be the gig at beggars opera…man that night was magic.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    What’s wrong with this picture (new Cheap Trick)

    Ha...I had to do a double take on that one,good observation!
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    A few tunes from one of my cover bands

    Sounds great! I’m guessing it’s hard to set rehearsal dates do to conflicting my experience it’s tough enough to get a 4 or 5 piece band in the same room much less a group with horn and vocal sections. Is there any money to be made with so many members involved?
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    Classic 1980s Rock Concert Drum Solo

    Minus the big hair.
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    Is Petere Criss a Overrated or Underappreciated Drummer?

    overrated! It’s the Rite place ,right time. I’m pretty sure most of us could emulate the for the singing and songwriting my hats off to him
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    What’re we betting I find something good in here?

    just love those adds where you have to use your imagination.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Misinformed Reverb Listers

    guess It could have been worse,it could have said all original.
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    Yard Sale Finds?

    Holy smokes! why am I not stoping it these garage sales.
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    Twirling Drumsticks

    There’s parts in songs that feel right to do a flip or twirl.and it becomes common practice to execute the same technique each time a certain part is the same way a specific drum fill is played in the same spot everytime a song is performed.the audience likes to be entertained and...
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    Rockin Cheap Trick

    ok the vid was ghost town (official video) that was played lefty.I had a inkling when I noticed his snare hand moves in 16th’s occasionally when playing righty.
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    Twirling Drumsticks

    hound And jc ..remember, u guys had to walk before you could run.
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    Twirling Drumsticks

    its interesting to watch drummers incorporate twirls or tricks into what there two people are the same,each one looks at thing’s differently. take a basic 4/4 beat, where the snare is on 2 and 4 and many a time 1 and 3 the snare hand rests.he or she can perform a trick in numerous...
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    Twirling Drumsticks

    lol...that’s the truth!
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    Twirling Drumsticks

    I love discovering spots to flip. It’s a challenge! And the audience digs it.
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    Rockin Cheap Trick

    I remember seeing a music video with bun playing lefty,the majority of cheap tricks videos he plays right handed.I don’t recall what tune it was but I believe you don’t see that to often amongst drummers.
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    Did ya ever feel guilty!

    Yes Sequimite,I have noticed I come back refreshed after a layoff and oftentimes surprised at some of the things I play. (And the exception) there was the time when I had a 31 year layoff, in which I thought this won’t be easy!
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    Did ya ever feel guilty!

    I just haven’t been in the mood to play lately! I mean,I haven’t even looked a my kit for a couple of weeks and for some reason when this happens I feel guilty.there’s so much room for improvement and not enough time.i know everyone needs a break once in a while but does the guilty part come...
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    Dent in my Supra

    I just noticed this thread otherwise I would have givin my input sooner... A little tape on the ends and flatten that sucker. .I’m glad it worked out for you.