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    Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

    Had a request for something Led Zeppelin... so I choose Immigrant Song cause this song just gets me moving! A fun 2 minute adrenaline pumping song. All feedback and comments welcomed, good or bad! And yes I know, it's not note for note at all. This is more or less if I were to record the song.
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    What Bass Drum Beaters do you use?!

    I feel, the DW Control Beater is the top available bass drum beater out there. But that's my opinion, so what is your go to choice of beater?! Here is why I love the DW Control Beater
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    Danger Zone - but more metal

    Who here has watched the new Top Gun movie?! I thought I would pay my tribute to a great movie with a classic Kenny Loggins song. But only I played it more my way... Let me know what you think, all feedback welcomed! Thank you for watching
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    Chicago 25 or 6 to 4

    Youtube finally released my original cover I did. It kept getting blocked and I had to change the tuning down to get around that but it sounded awful. So finally now I can post this Rock version cover. This is done in my style. I absolutely love Chicago and had a blast covering this song. All...
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    Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare Side

    First time trying out the EC Reverse Dot batter head with a 500 snare side head from Evans. Typically I always play the Genera Dry or the HD Dry with a 300. So far I love the different ranges and sound. I just threw this video together quick of some different tuning options. Let me know what you...
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    Shinedown - Devour - Drum cover

    Really enjoyed playing and editing this one!~ Let me know what your thoughts are on it! All comments welcomed good or bad I enjoy the feedback.
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    Upgrade Snare Wires

    I decided to upgrade my factory 20 strand PDP snare wires with Pure30 Puresound wires. Did a comparison video
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    Nylon Sleeve Upgrade DIY

    Made a simple $7 upgrade to the snare drum.. Installed some nylon sleeves I picked up at my local hardware store. You can really feel the difference if you drum didn't come with them compared to just a metal washer!
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    System of a Down - BYOB cover

    This song is a lot of fun to play. The Mezmerize album was probably my favorite album of theirs. Thanks for watching! All feedback and comments welcomed!
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    DW Performance Series vs PDP Concept Series sound clip

    I had a lot of people ask for a sound file after releasing my last video showing the original DW Performance series snare vs the newer PDP Concept series snare. I wasn't originally going to do one because the depth or different but after hearing so many requests I went ahead and slapped this...
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    original DW Performance snare vs PDP Concept Series Snare

    So the other day on a fb group there was an argument about whether or not a snare drum was in fact a DW. All these people kept yelling out false information about someone just rebadging a PDP snare to try and sell it off. Well, luckily for me, I just happen to own matching snares in both DW and...
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    Walking on Sunshine

    A little pick me up to start the week! my daughter playing and dancing with the Tambourine to this song. Such a blast to see her have fun!
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    Foo Fighters: The Pretender

    man.... I just can't believe it about Taylor Hawkins... I'm a huge fan and I feel lost inside. RIP my man! I went back and listened to a bunch of Foo this weekend after the news... also thought I would share one of my Foo Fighters drum covers.
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    Lakini's Juice - Live

    Absolutely one of my personal favorite songs. It just puts me in a state of trance and I just want to close my eyes and jam out to this song! What song does that for you?! All feedback and comments welcomed! hope you enjoy it as much as i did. Thank you for watching!!
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    Final piece to my Yamaha Kit! 20" Bass Drum

    So I have a Yamaha Maple Custom kit I have been building for years! I finally found the final piece to my kit. a 20'" kick. The kit now has: Bass Drums: 22x18, 22x16, 20x16, 18x14 Snares: 14x6.5, 14x5, 14x4, 12x3 Toms, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
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    Megadeth - Hangar 18

    I absolutely love this song. Such a powerhouse blast to play on the drums. Nick Menza was a killer drummer! I played this more my way but still wanted to keep his vibe alive. I feel I also really dialed in my drum mix the best so far on this cover! I'm not using any plugs in, just standard EQ...
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    FS: Zildjian K custom 17" Dark Crash

    I have a 17" Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash for sale. Looking for $275 shipped. It's a great cymbal but I mostly play Sabian and have no need for this in my collection. No cracks or key marks. Price is shipped in the states. Any questions just ask!
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    Alice in Chains - Check My Brain

    Any Alice in Chains fans?! This is one of my favorites from them. When i first heard this I fell in love with the dark bending guitar riffs. Just a killer song for me! Hopefully I did this one justice! All feedback welcomed! Thanks for watching!
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    Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Drum Cover)

    My newest video. I really enjoyed playing this song! Was a lot of fun to just have fun! All comments/Feedback welcomed! Thanks for watching!
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    Removing Tom Bracket and Swapping to Upgrade older PDP Snare

    I have a PDP Concept kit and the 12" tom has a side bracket on it i don't use. I prefer the DW Tom basket stand. So I removed the bracket, inserted button bolts and upgrade my older popcorn snare with the bracket I removed. It's truly the little details that add up when you want things to look...