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  1. dustjacket

    This is for real, unfortunately…

    Because he’s the Comeback Kid.
  2. dustjacket

    Calling Andy Foote of ... Drum Supply House USA ...

    Putting 2 and 2 together, think his place was the one trying to push Nelson drum shop around.
  3. dustjacket

    Paiste 602 Heavy Hats = New Beats?

    Never played these in person, but just scooped a 15” pair online for a price too hard to pass up. Gram weights seem pretty similar to New Beats. I know Porcaro played 14” 602 heavy hats for a bit. What am I in for?
  4. dustjacket

    C&C Acrylic Drum Set

    Very cool. Price?
  5. dustjacket

    What's with the mass exodus from Zildjian all of a sudden?

    Paul’s enthusiasm is sorely missed. One of the more stranger things I’ve seen in the industry.
  6. dustjacket

    Ringo & Rolling Stones Postpone Their Tours

    They are old. It’s ok to not tour the world. Right? They’ve seen it all. Enjoy the quiet life. (I’m also not a rockstar, obviously:)
  7. dustjacket

    Drum Stick Bundle (Like New Pairs: Various Vic Firth Jazz/Signatures, Pro Mark, Vater, Meinl) SOLD

    With shipping, lowered, bundle runs $5 a pair.
  8. dustjacket

    Zildjian company blocked me via instagram

    Gah. You don’t get it.
  9. dustjacket

    Zildjian company blocked me via instagram

    Good luck with Paiste…
  10. dustjacket

    Zildjian company blocked me via instagram

    But, what were you implying? Is this a Lebron should stick to hoops, Zildjian to cymbals type scenario. Whether you think ____ or _____ has an agenda or not, the time of shut up and stick to what you know is long gone. The ship has sailed. The sooner you realize, the better. Stop beating around...
  11. dustjacket

    Money: Drums v. Cymbals

    I’m a cymbalholic. Nothing is worst than shrill toneless pies.
  12. dustjacket

    Zildjian 15” K Light Hats

    Very good condition. Versatile and sweet. $325 shipped.
  13. dustjacket

    Canopus snare wires?

    I really gotta try out Canopus snare wires. Now which of my snares should get the treatment? Hmm.
  14. dustjacket

    Paiste 15” Traditional Medium Light Hats

    Great condition. $455 shipped.
  15. dustjacket

    Billy Higgins' 22" formula 602 medium ride

    I don’t have exact weight, but they run in the 2450 range. Really smooth classic stick sound, one of the most musical (not shrill) Paiste bells and full crash that sustains just right. One of my favs. As a matter of fact, Matt Chamberlain has been using it as his main ride.
  16. dustjacket

    Vic Firth supply chain problems?

    I’m nothing without my Erskine Ride sticks.
  17. dustjacket

    Billy Higgins' 22" formula 602 medium ride

    I have a reissue 22” 602 Thin Crash that gives me Higgins vibes.