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    Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

    I appreciate the feedback. I'm sure I know where you're heading with that. Maybe more snare ghosting for that paradiddle feel.
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    Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

    hahaha Thank you!
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    Let's see your junk drums

    I have two of these kits setup as a double bass kit!!
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    Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

    Had a request for something Led Zeppelin... so I choose Immigrant Song cause this song just gets me moving! A fun 2 minute adrenaline pumping song. All feedback and comments welcomed, good or bad! And yes I know, it's not note for note at all. This is more or less if I were to record the song.
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    Guitar Center layoffs

    I use to have the best GC rep.. he'd call me all the time just to make small chat. I'd order parts and drums left and right cause he was a great guy and salesman. Always throwing me deals and making things right if there was wrongs etc... they laid him off a couple years ago and no one has ever...
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    sound difference between a 15x10 and 15x12 tom?

    your theories would be correct.
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    What Bass Drum Beaters do you use?!

    I have a set of Low Boy beaters.. was so stoked cause I got them color matched to my kit... but they ATE my bass drum head so fast... they just tore it apart. Was crazy.. and i had a pad on it!
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    What Bass Drum Beaters do you use?!

    I feel, the DW Control Beater is the top available bass drum beater out there. But that's my opinion, so what is your go to choice of beater?! Here is why I love the DW Control Beater
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    Chicago 25 or 6 to 4

    thank you so much!
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    Danger Zone - but more metal

    Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the wonderful feedback and comments!
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    Danger Zone - but more metal

    Who here has watched the new Top Gun movie?! I thought I would pay my tribute to a great movie with a classic Kenny Loggins song. But only I played it more my way... Let me know what you think, all feedback welcomed! Thank you for watching
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    2022 Chicago Drum Show Walk Through

    I tried getting there so hard... just couldn't fit it in
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    Chicago 25 or 6 to 4

    thank you so much Mark. Glad you enjoyed it!
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    Chicago 25 or 6 to 4

    Youtube finally released my original cover I did. It kept getting blocked and I had to change the tuning down to get around that but it sounded awful. So finally now I can post this Rock version cover. This is done in my style. I absolutely love Chicago and had a blast covering this song. All...
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    Another Pre-Chicago Show Vintage Drum Purchase

    That's super awesome!
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    Reverb Shipping Prices

    that's hefty~ !
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    Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare Side

    Thank you! So far I'm very happy with the new heads and sound.
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    Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare Side

    First time trying out the EC Reverse Dot batter head with a 500 snare side head from Evans. Typically I always play the Genera Dry or the HD Dry with a 300. So far I love the different ranges and sound. I just threw this video together quick of some different tuning options. Let me know what you...
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    "The Pretender" drum cover

    Good job. How long have you been playing for? my only suggestion... don't worry about that sheet music so much and just have fun with it.... To many drummer get to invested in note for note playing based off sheet music (which i've seen so many version all being different). Now that you've...
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    Shinedown - Devour - Drum cover

    Really enjoyed playing and editing this one!~ Let me know what your thoughts are on it! All comments welcomed good or bad I enjoy the feedback.