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  1. rwm5

    Oaklawn Camcos in 3D Moire

    Where’d you find them!?!? Need to start hanging out at that spot! Have fun getting them set up, awesome score.
  2. rwm5

    Star, SQ2, or Craviotto !!

    I will in time. Back on subject @Mapex Always, what cymbals are incoming from Meinl and the big Z?
  3. rwm5

    Star, SQ2, or Craviotto !!

    I like drums.
  4. rwm5

    Tariff/Customs Info/Advice needed

    ^^ What @Tama CW said. My Fibes kit that I just recently bought from Japan was at the full 6%. The shipping company will typically send you the invoice.
  5. rwm5

    *TRADED* 5" JCR Cowbell for hi hats or flat ride

    Well that’s a splendid little find.
  6. rwm5

    OT: 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Since my team is now out I’ll just be selfish and hope for a game 7.
  7. rwm5

    Original Ludwig Floor Tom?

    @dingaling I have a 12x15” marching tenor drum, keystone badge and mini classic lugs in gold sparkle if you are interested. I’ve had it for years in a case, no hoops, the bearing edges are in good shape, I just never did anything with it. Also I’m local to you. I have Ludwig FT brackets from...
  8. rwm5

    Nordic Mahogany 3.5mm/6ply

    I’ve enjoyed this exchange.
  9. rwm5

    EBAY/CL/FACEBOOK/other sites DEAL ALERTS for vintage drums!

    Local pickup for the Florida folks. 14” FT
  10. rwm5

    Ludwig Thermogloss Jazzette Project

    I know I watched that video a bunch of times when it was first posted!
  11. rwm5

    OT: Detroit style pizza

    That place is great. Not what the OP is looking for, but worthy of a trip! So I’ll second that!
  12. rwm5

    Mid Atlantic (PA/NY/MD/NJ/DE) regional forum hang, gauging interest

    I don’t know Jack…
  13. rwm5

    OT: Slow Sports Cars

    Just because you can afford the car, doesn’t mean you can drive it, especially at the limit of what it can do. Limits that should not be explored on public roads I might add.
  14. rwm5

    EBAY/CL/FACEBOOK/other sites DEAL ALERTS for vintage drums!

    Local pickup in Wisconsin:
  15. rwm5

    Ludwig Thermogloss Jazzette Project

    Sorry you’ve been sick and sorry you’ve been dreading this. I’ve been selfishly looking forward to seeing this set completed. Looking good so far, wishing you the best of luck.
  16. rwm5

    My 50th High School Reunion Gig In Ft Lauderdale is now a memory..New Videos added

    Did you test the drums? They can quarantine with me…
  17. rwm5

    Rogers BDP Headliner w/canister throne & 16x14” FT

    Not at the Chicago show and want some cool vintage drums?
  18. rwm5

    Finishing Raw Hoops with inlay from Precision

    What contact cement do you plan to use? Most tell you to apply a thin layer to both surfaces and let it dry/get tacky for 15min, then adhere. I’ve had good luck with that process and the DAP Wellwood brand. This is regarding repairs and reapplying inlay on vintage hoops.
  19. rwm5

    20 ping rides.

    I just sold my A Custom Ping Ride and a set of New Beats that I’ve had for roughly 20+ years. Haven’t used them since really. $120 on the good old Craigslist.