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  1. michaelg

    Way OT Converse Chucks sizing ?

    I can't buy these locally so gonna try my hand at buying them online. Any experience with the wide over the standard size ? Converse also say that sizes run a half size large but I do like plenty of room for my toes so thinking of just going for 10.5 size for my 10.5 feet.
  2. michaelg

    Fred Eltringham snare tuning ?

    Any ideas on how to achieve Fred's snare sound in this clip ? To my ears it sounds medium/low tuning with some minimal use of moongel to dry it out. Rimshots ?. Nice drummer, I like his groove. Great consistent backbeat.
  3. michaelg

    Cantaloupe Island ?

    Great tune. For those who know and have played it perhaps you can help me with this. Its a 16 bar structure (in F I think) The melody starts on bar one and the chord sequence eventually cycles back to the same chord on bars 13,14,15,16. When a solo is being played over the structure I...
  4. michaelg

    Yamaha original Yess mount differences

    I noticed from looking at pictures online that Yamaha at some point seems to have modified their original YESS two hole tom mount. The footprint of the mount that touches the shell exterior seems to have been enlarged slightly and elongated. Has anyone compared the two versions sound-wise ?
  5. michaelg

    Smartphones at concerts/gigs

    I know this has been talked about before but I really don't get taking smartphone videos at concert/gigs. For those who do this bizarre behavior why do you do it ?
  6. michaelg

    Reso style -regulator Vs PS3

    Many bass drum resos typically have a dampening control ring on the edge of the head ala "powerstroke" style. The Aquarian regulator series features a smaller muffling ring placed in the centre of the head. Just wondering how that changes the sound and if has anyone compared both ? I would...
  7. michaelg


    When learning or writing a chart for a new tune. One of the first things I do is write down the number of bars/measures for each section. I've noticed that sometimes you can count a tune in different ways. For instance the Lizzy tune below, I initially counted it as each snare drum hit as...
  8. michaelg

    Differences between Regal Tip Nylon - Wood 5A

    I've noticed there seems to be some differences between the Regal Tip 5A wood and nylon models. The tip on the nylon is a good bit smaller than the wood tip and the shoulder is also narrower on the nylon version. Just wondering how they compare feel-wise ?
  9. michaelg

    Custom made sticks (Regal tip 5A specs) Group buy ?

    I emailed Rohema drumsticks in Germany a while back about the possibility of making drumsticks with the same spec as Regal tip 5A's. They replied back and are willing to make some custom sticks for me to the same spec and will apply lacquer paint 2X to get closer to the Regal finish. Its only...
  10. michaelg

    Cotton balls in toms.

    My Yamaha 12" MCA tom sustains way too much. At lower tunings its really full on. I use a few small balls of cotton wool in my 14" floor with success, so I reckon why not do the same with the 12". Anyone else doing this ?
  11. michaelg

    L80's patina/sound changes

    Great practice cymbals. They do seem to develop a patina fairly quickly in one or two years and the sound changes too (for the better IMHO). Wonder how they'll sound in another 5 or 10 years. How are yours sounding/holding up ?
  12. michaelg

    Throne height influences pedal stroke ?

    Anyone notice that if you adjust the height of your throne, you also need to adjust your pedal throw ? Raised my throne recently and just wasn't comfortable with my pedal till I increased the throw on it in response to the added throne height.
  13. michaelg

    Took the old luddies out tonight

    90% of gigs I take a modern Yamaha kit out, but tonight I took a notion and loaded an early 60's Ludwig super classic into the van instead. Was a quieter gig and the old drums are less loud and have a vibe. Stunned at how different they actually sound from a modern kit. Super Warm, really full...
  14. michaelg

    Swapping used heads between drums ?

    Will a used drumhead adapt and reshape to a different drums edge ?
  15. michaelg

    Tablet/sheet mounting positions/options

    Currently use a portable flimsy music stand to hold my tablet, positioned so the display is just under and to the left of my hihats. Not ideal perhaps but its pretty inconspicuous there. Thinking of getting a fancy holder that mounts to the bass drum so the tablet would be floating over the...
  16. michaelg

    Playing with more advanced players.

    At very short notice I got a call today at lunchtime if I was available to play a gig later at night. "Yes, no problem, can I have a set please" A partial set arrives and I quickly realize this is gonna be hard as I don't really know or have never played most of these tunes before. Anyways I get...
  17. michaelg

    Belated Happy Patrick's Day wishes

    I usually avoid the pubs on Paddy's day after 6pm, too messy. So had a few tonight instead. Slainte to drummers everywhere.
  18. michaelg

    Developing good touch ?

    Anyone care to recommend any good exercises for developing a good touch ?
  19. michaelg

    Owning the music? Selfish guitarist?

    I'm subbing tomorrow with a cover band who I've played with once before a few weeks back. The first gig went well enough and they were all very happy with me but during the gig the guitar player kept asking me to speed up quite a few times, even once saying "play it much faster than the...
  20. michaelg

    Los cabos "black widow" varnish ?

    Anyone know if the Los Cabos "black widow" finish is comparable feel wise to the regal tip varnish ?