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  1. dustjacket

    Paiste 602 Heavy Hats = New Beats?

    Never played these in person, but just scooped a 15” pair online for a price too hard to pass up. Gram weights seem pretty similar to New Beats. I know Porcaro played 14” 602 heavy hats for a bit. What am I in for?
  2. dustjacket

    Zildjian 15” K Light Hats

    Very good condition. Versatile and sweet. $325 shipped.
  3. dustjacket

    Paiste 15” Traditional Medium Light Hats

    Great condition. $455 shipped.
  4. dustjacket

    To Reverb’s Credit, Fighting Congress

    I’m sure Reverb has felt the negative impact.
  5. dustjacket

    Zildjian 22” Constantinople Medium Ride (2564 grams) SOLD

    Great condition. Super versatile and easy to play. I get why this has been Erskine’s go to for so long. $375 shipped.
  6. dustjacket

    Zildjian K Set (15 Light Hats, 19 Thin Dark, 22 Light) SOLD

    Selling as set. Great condition. From 2020. 15” K Light Hats 19” K Dark Thin 22” K Light Ride $840 shipped
  7. dustjacket

    Zildjian 15” Fat Hats Prototype SOLD

    Really great hats. Truly like A and K hybrid. Paul Francis said these were the Fat Hats proto which are now in the Zildjian concept shop for $560. Fast and articulate with a full bodied tone. Some discoloring due to cleaning, but overall great condition. $370 shipped.
  8. dustjacket

    Any Hope Cleaning These Hats?

    Got these really great sounding 15” Zildjian Fat Hats prototypes. Just wondering if any of this will come off? Almost looks like water stains?
  9. dustjacket

    Bosphorus 1600 Era Series?

    Anyone try these? Seem very similar to Keropes.
  10. dustjacket

    Drum Stick Bundle (Like New Pairs: Various Vic Firth Jazz/Signatures, Pro Mark, Vater, Meinl) SOLD

    Great variety here, all like new. 12 pairs. $60 shipped. Vic Firth Stanton Moore Vic Firth 85 A (2 pairs) Vic Firth AJ1 Vic Firth AJ4 Vic Firth MJC1 Vic Firth Steve Jordan Vater Super Jazz Meinl 5A (3 pairs) Pro Mark Carter McLean
  11. dustjacket

    Zildjian 16” K Light Hats SOLD

    Great condition. Got these recently, sweet hats, just too big for me. Not sure of weights. $380 shipped. Sorry, no trades.
  12. dustjacket

    Would You Buy Kit With Cracked Lacquer?

    Say, you saw a kit with cracked lacquer running along bass drum. Kit is priced 1/3 of price.Everything else is pristine. Shell itself has no cracks. Thoughts?
  13. dustjacket

    Zildjian 20” Constantinople Light Ride (3 factory rivets) SOLD

    1938 grams. Great condition. Purchased from Steve Maxwell. Factory installed rivets in cluster formation. $375 shipped.
  14. dustjacket

    Anybody Buying Carter McLean’s $30,000 Kit?
  15. dustjacket

    Evans Strata 1000 (Full kit)

    Thinking about giving these a try on toms and snare. I could only find pretty old threads on these, so hopefully there’s updated feedback. Thanks!
  16. dustjacket

    Zildjian 20” Take 5 Reissue (2135 grams) SOLD

    Like new all purpose ride. Video is the exact cymbal for sale. $295 shipped. (Add $10 if 2,000+ miles from Jersey)
  17. dustjacket

    Zildjian 14” Constantinople Hats (890/1150) SOLD

    Excellent condition. Beautiful set of hats that have a organic/responsive tone. $370 shipped.
  18. dustjacket

    Paiste Masters 20” Dark Crash SOLD

    Great condition. Lush crash sound. Can also be used as LSR. $295 shipped.
  19. dustjacket

    Anybody Else Love Jazz…But Hate Jazz VOCALS?

    I can’t be the only one, right?
  20. dustjacket

    Istanbul Traditional Jazz 14” Hats

    Like new. Made in 2022. $330 shipped.