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  1. PassiveTone78


    Yamaha YESS mounts for toms. $55/pair/shipped CONUS.
  2. PassiveTone78

    DW3000 Single Bass Pedal **SOLD**

    Practically new. Beater is pristine. $110/offers plus shipping.
  3. PassiveTone78

    Yamaha YESS Mount **SOLD**

    Got a YESS tom mount from a beech custom. Taking offers plus shipping. PM me for photos, questions.
  4. PassiveTone78

    Super Sensitive Turned Supraphonic….

    Back in the day when there was a drum shop in St. Louis called Drum Headquarters, I was begging my parents to buy me a “Ringo” drum. It was the 90’s I had been playing for a while and since I was in formal lessons, my parents got me what I thought was a 70’s era Supra. Fast forward to my days of...
  5. PassiveTone78

    Atlas Snare Stand New Price **SOLD**

    Gently used Atlas snare stand. Flat fleet. Not my thing. Was free from Ludwig. $110 shipped or shoot me an offer.
  6. PassiveTone78

    Musashi Snare

    Looking for a Musashi. Preferably 13x6.5!
  7. PassiveTone78

    Beech Custom Absolute Snare “Earth” Finish

    $300 offers plus shipping
  8. PassiveTone78

    Yamaha Beech

    tom is 12x10, $125, kick is 22x16, $250, snare is 14x6.5 $500.
  9. PassiveTone78

    Yamaha Beech Custom Bass

    16x22 Apple Red Yamaha Beech Custom, Late 90’s early 2000’s series, not Absolute. Drum is in great shape, a couple scratches but no deep gouges, great bearing edges. 250 plus shipping from Midwest.
  10. PassiveTone78

    7x14 Beech Custom Absolute Snare

    7x14 Beech Custom Absolute snare, vintage finish. Mint condition, 2.3 mm dynahoop, MIJ.
  11. PassiveTone78

    Beech Custom Trade

    Another trade question for the pros on here: I’m trading a 3 piece Ludwig for a 6 piece Beech Custom Absolute. Same guy with the Slingy’s. I know Ludwig’s are a dime a dozen, but there’s something about them that keep me wanting them. And I’m not so sure I love the sound of the Maple’s.
  12. PassiveTone78

    Vintage Slingerland Cut-Away 8 Piece

    I have the opportunity to acquire a 1982 Slingerland Cut-Away Kit. The owner says they were given to him by the original owner, they are 5 plies and the original heads. Can anyone help me out with these? Is it worth it? Are they worth it?
  13. PassiveTone78

    Refinishing Yamaha Beech

    Got some Beech Customs that have seen better days, other owner tried to repaint them. Never done anything with lacquer drums. The “Blueberry” lacquer is intact, but lots of swirl marks, should I try buffing/rubbing compound and polish them? Then clear them?
  14. PassiveTone78

    Yamaha Beech Custom

    Looking for beech custom floor toms, any finish. Thanks.
  15. PassiveTone78

    8x12 Ludwig Tom

    Any decent 8x12 Ludwig tom. Drilled shells are best, but looking for something with decent plies and good edges. Adding a tom to my four piece
  16. PassiveTone78

    Account Deletion

    Please help me delete my account completely. Thank you
  17. PassiveTone78

    Reso 7's

    And go! What's the verdict? I've recently switched to Evans, but still have Remo resonant heads, because heads are EXPENSIVE. I want to make the switch to Reso 7 but need some advice. Thanks!
  18. PassiveTone78


    So I was going through some of my drum stuff, and happened upon an old Ludwig "Supraphonic" that my parents purchased for me at Drum Headquarters in Maplewood, MO about 25 years ago. Long story short, but I just now am noticing after being in storage for about 20 years, it is an old converted...
  19. PassiveTone78


    I'm sure this has been beaten dead, but I switched to Evans heads. It was a reluctant switch, I've used REMO since I started playing and never thought of using Evans. First it was an EMAD for my bass, loved it, and no more pillow! Then one day I got tired of tuning my drums so often, and...
  20. PassiveTone78


    Well after enough trial, tribulation, and dollars spent. I have finally tried Evans heads on my toms. I am really upset I didn't do this sooner. I put coated G2's on the batter, still rocking Ebony Amb's on the reso, which are going next. Any insight on what I should use? I am looking for...