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    Early 60s Sonor Teardrop ‘Chicago’ drum set

    Oh, man. I had that set in red sparkle as a teenager. Let them go in grad school when they were falling apart and I couldn't afford to fix them properly. Someday I'll get another set.
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    Where does drum gear rank in your possessions list by value ?

    More importantly: exactly how valuable, where are they stored, and what are your normal working hours?
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    Mini/micro/pocket kits; whatcha got? What do you like?

    I picked up an 18x8 Tempus kick years back, which sounds great, and I used it with some cheap mismatched toms for a while. I can fit kick and snare into one bag, plus a hardware bag and cymbal bag. I'm thinking of grabbing the Pearl Compact Traveler add-on toms, which would make this a pretty...
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    Oh, how BORING! A thread on Drum Thrones??? Now with POLL

    I can't imagine going back after getting a Sound Seat. I've got one in my piano/bass, and then a retrofit top on a really sturdy base, maybe a Pearl? I think maybe I'll pick up another one when I finally start playing out again so I don't have to grab the one from behind my home kit.
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    Ultraphones vs Remote Audio HN-7506

    I don't think Ultraphones sound great, but that's the nature of a very closed headphone. (I don't care for 7506s personally either, but the Ultraphones are noticeably muddier.) Ultraphones are great for tracking, and miles ahead of my old EX-29 headphones, but I'd never sit and listen to music...
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    Ultraphones vs Remote Audio HN-7506

    Has anybody tried both the GK Ultraphones and the Remote Audio HN-7506 isolation headphones? Both use the Sony 7506 drivers. I've had a pair of Ultraphones for many years and I was thinking about picking up another pair when I stumbled on the Remote Audios, which look a bit more robust (not that...
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    JR Baker in hospital

    Oh, man. My best to JR and his family.
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    Tribute and Thanks to Bongo Congo

    Wow, what a guy. I didn't know how generous he was, I just enjoyed his great wit. I'm about to load up the drums for an afternoon gig. This one's for you, Bongo. ETA: Is anyone interested putting together/contributing towards a tribute to BC, some way to "pay forward" his generosity? Maybe...
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    OT: Our adoption is final today

    Awesome! Congratulations! And that's just the beginning! We didn't adopt, so it started out cheaper for us (two for the price of one, even!), but every month when I look at the check we write out to the preschool, I think: "Wow, I could have been driving a really nice car. Or playing a lot of...
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    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    Great deal on a Spaun snare. (Not mine.) $125 with a PR bag? The parts alone are worth that! If I hadn't just used up my drum budget on an RME Babyface, I'd buy this one myself. ETA: Forgot the link!
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    Hats! Hats! Hats!!!!

    14" Zildjian New Beats ('70s hollow logo) 14" Bosphorus New Orleans 16" K Zildjian Dark Thin Crash (top)/ Bosphorus New Orleans crash (bottom) The 16" hats get the most playing time lately.
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    OT: Any Lawyers Here?

    He could be doing you a favor. There might not be anything to collect, but that "written warning" might help out in whistleblower's lawsuit.
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    Remo's Best Sounding and Durable Heads

    Yeah, I can appreciate that. I could probably deal with the coating issue if I preferred the sound or feel or Remos, but the OP didn't like the sound either ("unique kind of ring that I found annoying"). So to the OP: what's driving you back to Remo?
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    Remo's Best Sounding and Durable Heads

    Why Remo? The coating on Aquarian heads is practically indestructible. It takes a couple hours for me to start wearing through the coating on an Ambassador. On an Aquarian Texture Coated . . . well, I'll let you know when that finally happens.
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    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    Both of those are Acrolites. Great snares, but they can be found for $100-$150 easily.
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    Pearl Drum Monitors, $115

    One pair left: I was tempted, but I don't trust the isolation numbers. I'm putting aside the cash for a pair of GK Ultraphones. Still, this is a great price.
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    Joe Morello

    I just recently learned that Morello (with Eugene Wright on bass) played on Simon and Garfunkel's "The 59th Street Bridge Song". Never knew that!
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    Gimmicky gear

    I think the crashes with holes sound interesting. I tried a few at the Bosphorus factory, and they seemed like a cross between a normal crash and a china. I wouldn't choose one as a primary crash, but I wouldn't mind having one (if I weren't so averse to lugging around extra cymbal stands).
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    OFF TOPIC: Would you like to put paint on my house?

    Hey! I've got a house that needs painting so my wife will stop nagging me. I'd do it myself, but it's hot outside so I literally can't. Would anyone be super cool and paint it for me? I'd be sooo grateful!! You don't even need to paint the whole house. One or two sides would be a big help...
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    Would you like to add drums to my song?

    There are a lot of folks online who will add custom drum tracks, often for very reasonable prices. Here's a starting point: