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    The golden record

    When I first heard there was a ‘golden record’ on voyager my first thought was, you think aliens have a record player????? ahahahahahah. These are scientists no less. Assuming the aliens have ears and eyes and feel or learn something from sound and images. that’s a lot of assumptions! But really...
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    The Motian in Motion doc is out

    Can't wait to see it!
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    I hadn't heard them until Youtube recommended the documentary (breadcrumb trail) this year, and then I checked out their 2 records. Incredibly weird awesome beautiful band. They are pranksters but also serious as a heart attack. They were really young on this record - late teens - for playing...
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    In the 90s I used to play in a band in D.C. that would tour weekends up to New York and play Philly and Jersey. We’d go north and it would change from trees and suburbs to an oil and electric industrial landscape. The people would change. The driving would change. Things got tougher. I always...
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    No not the actual ones. those end in either apathy ecstasy or destruction. maybe those are all in this band. I don’t know but I felt ecstatic listening.
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    Charlie Parker 100th bday anniv

    Charlie Parker would be 100 this month. WKCR will be playing nothing else for the next couple days. Bird lives!
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    "I make cymbals for people that don’t like beautiful sounds"

    “ I make cymbals for people that don’t like beautiful sounds. I am a drummer. I was a drummer. When I started making cymbals I didn’t have any knowledge about how to make cymbals. But more than this I discovered that no one knows how to make hand hammered cymbals because it’s a secret trade. I...
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    Cymbal Soundfiles

    Since everyone with money is mostly hanging onto it, and sellers are probably desperate, I thought I’d offer a possible help for selling cymbals online. A lot (most?) of sellers do not put up soundfiles and I think in a lot of cases it could be the difference between selling and not especially...
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    DJ Dave King

    Not sure if Dave fans know he does a jazz radio show every week. Sun 9pm (central time?) I've never listened live but there's archived shows here The Melissa Aldana one has some great Jochen Rueckert in the first 2 songs at the start of the show...
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    Minimal scratch on a maximal ride. Not mine. Listed like a baboon after raiding a poptart truck i.e. no f'ing idea. Go get it you 'holic freaks.
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    the history of rock and roll

    Here's an article on Sam Phillips/Sun Records that I thought was pretty interesting. It also covers the business, racial and musical history of that time.
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    ringo the photographer

    A different way of looking at him and the band, for sure. As a photographer it makes me love him even more.
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    ot - early superbowl pics

    Superbowl One had a marching band at halftime. By the fifth year they had Ella Fitzgerald. And's different! As a kid I was a huge Raiders fan in the late 70s Kenny Stabler era. The shot of Fred Biletnikjoff took me back...
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    ot: atm pin code theft

    this is ridiculous
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    billie holiday & paul english stories
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    House concerts in the midwest and the south?

    I'm in an original band that's going to be doing some touring next month and November. We've booked mostly club shows but have holes in the schedule and are desperately trying to fill them. We'll be traveling in or near PA, OH, MI, IL WI, MN, IA, NE, KS, MO, KY in October and then in November...
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    There's hope

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    Earl Palmer

    Some of his gear and discog/history are over at Maxwell's. The man played on a LOT of stuff! Also curious (at the bottom of the page on the Maxwell site) is Earl's 3x13 fiberglass Blaemire snare. ! It's hard to imagine how it sounded. I imagine a flat, small kind of sound, but maybe not. May be...
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    Happy Bday John Coltrane!

    WKCR is playing/streaming 24 hours of his music (til midnight today). There's a lot of great drummers that he played with, from Blakey to Rashied Ali; Tootie Heath to Elvin. Happy listening!
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    jazz photo site

    I'd never seen this site before. Thought i'd share it. Amazing shots of all kinds of musicians; mostly jazz. Bunch of our heroes on there; Buddy Louie Elvin Tony Blakey Miles Coltrane Duke plus a slew of others. The ones of Miles and Coltrane especially since there are shots that are almost...