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    Joined the Premier club today.

    Sonor and Premier mahogany shells are my fave for sure. Prems hardware is the best though. They discovered the 3 ply magic long ago, but dont forget the Olys, different lugs, same shells! I agree that black, like Gretsch are the classiest look for your drums!
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    Vintage Drum Forum...down? for the count?

    Anyone know for sure?
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    Ping 22"??

    Thats why we measure the underside and not the top....good point
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    Amb on a bass drum?

    In your opinion; will a single ply clear or coated Ambassador perform well as a batter on a bass drum for most types of music?
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    Ping 22"??

    An old friend says he thinks he may have a 22"Ping, but it measures 21.5"with the measure tape. Could they have been that inconsistant?
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    Mint - Wonderful Summit solid walnut 14x7 snare

    That is a fine piece of black walnut if that is the original finish. I have seen some black walnut that does appear almost black. This drum is incredibly beautiful, and though i dont prefer tube lugs, i think they were made for this wood. Im so tempted but my wife would think im totally nuts at...
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    Ping 22"??

    Zildjy made a great 20" Ping, but was there ever a 22"
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    Dixon clear white dot head

    I found a few of these, are any of you using them?....and would you know who made [makes] them?
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    Maxwin shells

    Saw them today; 22,12,13,16 in un faded deep red. Luuan wood used but with the round edges and well made these sound unreal. I spent time with the 12 and swaped a couple of heads and tuned it properly and i was very impressed. For 150 bucks included a very heavy Dixon hat stand, Pearl pedal very...
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    1960 George Way 6.5x14 Snare

    Is it the blue finish that makes them so rare?
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    Maxwin shells

    Saw a pic of the kit my friend is getting, and it has the Rogers swivo hex rods copies for the toms. Could be older than the 70,s? Thanks a lot for posting the pics, it was very thoughtful.
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    Black dot heads or white dot?

    Remo makes black dot, but who makes white dot and whats the difference?
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    Maxwin shells

    Anyone know the shell material used by Pearl for the Maxwin line in the 70,s??My old teacher snagged a kit he paid for but hasn't seen them
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    Kool Kent Kit

    Looking for a nice USA made kit, 3 or 4 pc in decent condition. Finish is not important but overall condition should be decent
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    Ambassador black batter

    Looking for advice from you guys that can tell me if there is a difference in sound between the white and black heads for a 12" tom...I,ve never used one in over 45 years!!
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    are you the one that has Kent kits for sale?
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    Ottaviano 20 inch Tribute Ride !

    From what i hear, that cymbal is made exclusively for jazz. It has a perfect balance of drive and wash....BEAUTIFUL!
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    Haskell. W. Harr

    Book i have is Book one published by M M Cole, Chicago Its dated 1937, and its very impressive for the time. Interesting to note he had a relationship with Slingerland Drums
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    Haskell. W. Harr

    I have his 1937 Drum Method book for Orchestra and Band. I believe it was his first book. Anyone familiar with this teacher?
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    Admins please delete thread

    Love the Erskine snare drum, so what does it sound similar to that you have?