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    13” K Top Hat $75

    Up for sale is a 13” K Top Hi Hat. It’s been cleaned if it’s gross mold and has a nice patina started. Couple of flea bites, hole still in round. No issues other than I don’t have any other 13” cymbals. 813 grams $75 shipped con us.
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    Paiste Twenty set 20-18-14

    Up for sale is a set I’ve put together including a 20” Proto Ride, 18” Proto Crash, and 14” Light Hats. Ride:2190 gr Crash:1590 gr Hats:930/1290 gr Excellent condition cymbals. Stick marks only. $800 plus actual shipping I’m partial to keeping the set together, but message if you’re...
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    Bosphorus Pang Thang and Trash Crash

    Just looking. Let me know if you have either to pass on. Thanks
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    “Best” floor Tom cowbell mount?

    Just looking for opinions. I’ve used an older LP model and was looking at the Tama version. Figure there’s some pros and cons. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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    SOLD-18” K Dark Thin Crash

    For sale are two modern era Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash cymbals. One is 20”, the other is 18”. Condition of both is very good to excellent. Fingerprints and stick marks only. 20” $300 shipped con us 18” $250 shipped con us
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    TRADED-Meinl Byzance 22” Spectrum Ride

    For sale is a Meinl Byzance 22” Spectrum Ride. Weight is 2900 grams Good to very good condition. Maybe a couple flea bites and some tape residue. $350 plus shipping
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    PENDING K 22” Dark Thin Ride

    For sale is this “Rarities” release. K 22” Dark Thin Ride. Weighing 2680 grams. Heavily small peen hammered. Unlathed and buffed/brilliant/ polished. Mini bell variety, but still piercing and balanced to the cymbals overall volume. This one is in good condition. Minor flea bite here and...
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    SOLD-K Constantinople 22” Hi Bell MTL Ride

    For sale is the relatively short lived version of a K Constantinople 22” Hi Bell Medium Thin Low Ride. You see the partial lathing top and bottom. Beautiful shape to the bow/bell and it’s transition. Weight in upper area with thin edge. 2600 grams Good to very good condition, only very minor...
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    SOLD-Zildjian K 18” pre-aged dry light

    For sale is an 18” Zildjian PADLR! Pre-Aged Dry Light Ride. Condition is very good other than stick and finger marks. Clean edge. 8 rivet holes, evenly spaced and seem “professional” in the drilling process. Weight is 1490 grams and is/has been a great utility cymbal for a long time. Great...
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    SOLD-Meinl Byzance 20” Mosaic Ride

    For sale is a Meinl Byzance 20” Mosaic Ride. Weight is 2050 grams. I’d say this one has higher tension in it and plays with a firm feel. Nice shape to the bow and integrated, but present bell. To me, some gong tones in the significant wash that stays well under the stick. She’s kind of nasty...
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    Rudy Royston (Frisell)

    Just wanted to post this one from earlier this year. He came up in the Blade thread, so in case folks hadn’t seen or heard him play.
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    SOLD 14” Byzance Traditional Medium Hats

    Up for sale is a pair of Meinl Byzance 14” Traditional Medium Hats. Weights are 1186/1397 Sound like a modern dark crisp K variation that’s just a little funky. Play nice, tension feels right for the weights. Condition is played but very good. $280 shipped conus Questions ask, thanks!
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    SOLD 2019 Tube Lug Acrolite

    Up for sale is a 2019 Brushed Aluminum 10 Tube Lug Acrolite. Size is 6 1/2” x 14”. Condition is pretty minty, never gigged, probably excellent/near mint. I have a few different options for batter heads and snares, stock weathermaster resonant. $500 shipped conus Thanks for checking, message...
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    K Dark Thin Hats and crash/ride

    Just looking for the rarities release of these cymbals. 14 k dark thin hats 19 k dark thin crash ride Thanks
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    Meinl spectrum hats

    Hi. I’m interested if you happen to have a pair of Meinl spectrum hats not getting used. Preferably 14’s. Thanks
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    SOLD 22 K Con Medium Thin Low

    *EDIT* For sale is this 22” K Con Medium Thin Low $375 shipped con us Chris
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    Beato Pro 1 4x14 & 5x14

    If anyone happens to have something close in size, but not in use, let me know.
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    Sennheiser 901 and Heil PR48

    If anyone has these mics laying around, not getting used, let me know.
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    SOLD Old Stamp K 18” 1620g

    For sale is a great condition 18” Old Stamp K Ride. Weighing in at 1620 grams. Lots of stick definition on this ride. Lower bell profile. Spiral lathing. Small and large peen hammering. 4 rivet holes. Some flea bites, but only one ding (pictured). Minor key hole. Patina, check. Signature, check...
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    Mallets for student/educator $400 mostly new Innovative

    Here I have a list of mostly all new mallets. This is a perfect higher level set of marimba/xylo/timpani mallets. I'm listing everything with new pricing I grabbed mostly from Steve Weiss. I'd like to sell this all as one group at a large discount. If that doesn't work out I'll break things...