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  1. Esotericdrums

    Lathing weight off 1st stamp Zildjians

    I have a set of 14” first stamp hi hats on the heavy side at 1071/1252g. They are a little heavy for my use at the moment and I am contemplating having them lathed down in weight on the bottom of the cymbals. Has anyone here ever had any weight lathed off of an old A? Curious to hear any...
  2. Esotericdrums

    18” New Stamp 1502g SOLD!

    Letting go of a beautiful New Stamp K Istanbul 18” at 1502g this one is great for a left side crash ride. Nice woody stick, lush crash, dark bell, wonderful patina, signature is still in great shape and some factory ink can still be seen on the bottom. A very slight keyhole, no other issues...
  3. Esotericdrums

    Zildjian K Custom 20” Dark Ride with rivets?

    has anyone riveted one of these? I love them as a left side with a sizzle chain but haven’t put actually put rivets in one
  4. Esotericdrums

    Ludwig Psychedelic Red Tragedy

    I came across an unfortunate situation at work today. I went back to install screens on the windows of some duplexes I built last year. And one of the tenants has an old Ludwig Psych Red kit sitting on the front porch absolutely ruined, using the floor as a table stand. What a shame! It blew...
  5. Esotericdrums

    4 vintage Gretsch BD claws and T rods

    Looking for 4 vintage Gretsch BD claws and T rods Thanks
  6. Esotericdrums

    Gretsch 20” BD hoop w Gold Satin Flame inlay

    Looking for Gretsch 20” hoop with gold satin flame inlay or old black hoop with no inlay channel. Thanks
  7. Esotericdrums

    14” First Stamp Zildjian hi hats 4 Bosphorus/Istanbul

    Nice set of heavily patina’d 14” First stamp Zildjian hats from the 1930s. Heavier weight allows these to cut through the mix in louder bands while maintaining the dark sound. 1071/1252g Top cymbal was a Navy cymbal Some of the only hand hammered era A Zildjians. There are some bell hole...
  8. Esotericdrums

    $300 14” First Stamp hi hats 1071/1252g

    Nice set of 1930’s First Stamp A Zildjian hats. Top cymbal was a US Navy cymbal. Being on the heavier side these cut through well with louder music while still having that dark tonal quality. Beautiful patina and hand hammering Top cymbal has some bell hole cracks, stabilized with epoxy by the...
  9. Esotericdrums

    Canopus The Maple

    Curious if anyone here has owned or played the Canopus maple snares? After lots of debating between which snare I should add to my slim one snare collection I seem to have settled on Canopus “the maple”. Seems a good quality snare for the value, and I’ve only heard good things about Canopus...
  10. Esotericdrums

    1930s Gretsch trap kit

    Spotted this 1930s Gretsch online. Looks like an old trap kit? What era would this be considered? Dixieland?
  11. Esotericdrums

    Bottom plate w/ screws for Pratt Muffler

    I’ve got the top part of the Pratt muffler and felt, but am missing the bottom mounting plate with the 3 screws. Thanks!
  12. Esotericdrums

    Gold Satin Flame Inlay for 20” bass drum

    Looking for Gretsch gold satin flame inlay for a 20” bass drum. Thanks!
  13. Esotericdrums

    Gretsch SSB USA custom?

    This kit popped up on local Craigslist. I am not too familiar with vintage Gretsch. Is this a USA custom SSB? Sizes 20,12,16
  14. Esotericdrums


    I’ve got a nice 22 K Constantinople Renaissance up for trade, weighs in at 2584g nice stick, dirty wash but not overpowering, slight edgewobble when crashed. Nice patina, only letting go because it has too much sonic overlap with my 22 Overhammered Bounce Interested in 15” k sweet hats, 14 k...
  15. Esotericdrums

    K Con Renaissance

    Curious on who all is playing 22 Renaissance rides? I came across a really good deal on one and am tempted to take the bait. I do have a 22 overhammered bounce and 22 MTL. How does the Renaissance compare? I hear they can be trashy and washy. Thanks for any advice!
  16. Esotericdrums

    Die cast hoops on Brooklyn’s

    Curious is anyone has ever put die cast hoops on a Gretsch Brooklyn set. If so what changes did it make to the sound compared to the 302s
  17. Esotericdrums

    Drilling center holes

    I’d love to hear from anyone experienced drilling the center hole of old cymbals to fit modern stands. I understand there can be some risk to cracking the cymbal or overheating the bronze. can I use a step drill bit to widen the center holes of old hi hats? what is the “safest”, best method?
  18. Esotericdrums

    2 Phish Alpharetta tickets

    I know it’s a long shot, but do any drum forum friends have a lead on tickets for Phish Alpharetta?
  19. Esotericdrums

    13” old K Istanbul hi hat bottom

    Looking for a 13” old k Istanbul to use as a hi hat bottom to pair with a new stamp top. doesnt Have to be new stamp any leads are appreciated!
  20. Esotericdrums

    DW 9000 pedal

    Has anyone else felt like their dw 9000 pedal is just sluggish? I’ve had my 9000 for 14 years and I go back and forth on how much I like it. I have tried adjusting the spring tension, cam settings, you name it and for some reason it just always feels sluggish and too heavy to respond quickly...