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  1. codydee12

    Sold - Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Drum Kit 18, 10, 12, 14 (w/a few upgrades)

    This kit was purchased a few months ago. No scratches, dents or anything like that. It’s practically brand new. The 18” kick comes with a 12 and 14 tom. I special ordered a 10” to match. I also ordered the double tom mount. I will include the original single tom mount. I am including the...
  2. codydee12

    SOLD - Ludwig Classic Maple 1990s Sable Black 6.5x14

    Beautiful snare! Has some love marks around the shell but it does not take away from it's overall beauty. 6 ply - 3/8" thick "Classic" shell of Maple/Poplar construction 6.5 x 14 has new wires heads are in good shape Please let me know if you have any questions! $435 shipped CON US $330 plus...
  3. codydee12

    No longer selling - Gretsch Broadkaster 2021 Gold Sparkle 6.5x14 Snare

    Beautiful snare. Warm, woody and a thick tone. This snare is equipped with the Gretsch Tone Control and Canopus Vintage Non-Plated snare wires. No issues at all. Was bought new a few months ago. $555 Shipped CON US
  4. codydee12

    please delete - Yamaha RRS-1465 Recording Custom 6.5x14" Brass Snare Drum

    Almost brand new! Have only had it for a few months now. I love the tone (check out Richard Spaven to hear some of this drum's potential). No issues with the drum! Just trying to make room to try more drums. Let me know if you have any questions. $475 Shipped $400 plus actual shipping
  5. codydee12

    Sold - Ludwig Supraphonic - 5x14 - 1970s Snare Drum

    In really good condition. Very minor pitting. The only part that is not original is the snare strainer which was intentional. If you have ever played on older supra you know that the old strainers will not hold their tension. I did not add any extra holes to fit the updated Ludwig strainer...
  6. codydee12

    Sold - Premier Birch 1980s Piano Black 5.5x14 Snare Drum (video added 6/13)

    This really is your classic birch snare. The snare has 8 lugs so it is a great drum to achieve that British snare sound without breaking the bank on some European drum names. Outside of the Eruo thing, the drum is really just an all around great drums. It is very easy to tune. Is great in a...
  7. codydee12

    Sold - Istanbul Agop 22" Signature Ride Cymbal -2017g

    One of the more buttery agop sigs I have heard. Really beautiful profile. In next to new condition. Let me know if you have any questions! $475 Shipped CON US $425 plus actual shipping
  8. codydee12

    Sold - Istanbul Agop 22" 30th Anniversary Ride Cymbal. 2253 grams. Includes Lather Case

    Gorgeous ride! No issues with it. This was from the 2021 run that has been a bit more golden in color but has patina’d to have that rich k Istanbul sound. 2253 grams
  9. codydee12

    Sold - Dream Bliss 20” Ride - 1973g

    Was $170 plus shipping for DFO! NOW $150 plus shipping! In good condition. No flea bites or key holding! Weighs 1973g. Sound file:
  10. codydee12

    Sold - Gretsch 4018 Round Badge 1960s Aluminum 14x5.5

    Almost completely original (I believe the only non-original part is the snare wire strings) and in beautiful condition. Very minimal pitting. Has a slight imperfection (I guess it is from the weld?) on the bearing edge. The badge and sticker lead me to believe this drum is from the mid 60s...
  11. codydee12

    Sold - 24” 3rd & 4th (Ludwig) Kick - Blue Sparkle

    $1400 $1250 shipped for DFO. $1200 $1050 for meet up. Willing to meet up to 2 hours outside of Wilmington, NC. Individual Drums: 16" - $575 plus shipping 13" - $350 plus shipping 24" - $500 shipped CON US A mix of new and vintage. The best of the old warm tom sound that we all use to define as...
  12. codydee12

    Sold - Premier (maybe John Grey?) Birch Bass Drum 1960s Red Sparkle 20x12 - Calf skin heads

    Please let me know if you recognize any of the lugs or hardware on this drum. When I bought it, the owner couldn't remember if it was premier or not. Much of the hardware makes me believe that it is. What I do know was that this was made in England and was made in the 60s. Looks like a Birch...
  13. codydee12

    Super Zyn Hi-Hats 1960s Traditional 14" thin hi-hats (808 & 831g)

    Really cool hats. Thin and glassy. great jazzy hats for the chic and buttery stick definition. I would take these over any of the other classic Zildjian hats out there. Top hat is 808g and bottom is 831g. $215 shipped
  14. codydee12

    Sold - Zildjian K Istanbul 1953 19.5 (20) Ride Cymbal - 1729g

    In amazing condition - no key holding, no flea bites, no nasty patina blemishes. This cymbal is as pretty as they come. Let me know what questions you have. Side note, I am not a jazz drummer so don't expect much from he playing on the recording. Sorry! 1729 g 19.5" $1,500 shipped
  15. codydee12

    Sold - Premier Premier 1960s Red Sparkle 10x8 Rack Tom with Calf Skin Heads

    I believe that the badge has been rotated upside down but I will wait for an expert to fill me in on this. The drum still has its original calf skin heads. Includes leather case, hard case, and sonor split lug drum key. Let me know if you have any questions! $240 Shipped OBO
  16. codydee12

    Sold - Ludwig LM400K Hammered Supraphonic 5x14" Snare Drum

    In immaculate condition! Dated November 1995. Still all original. It is a supraphonic so you know what to expect. Let me know if you have any questions about this beautiful drum! $475 shipped OBO
  17. codydee12

    Sold - Rogers Holiday 5x14" 8-Lug Wood Snare Drum with "Bread and Butter" Lugs 1962 - 1963 Red Sparkle Pearl

    This is the British made Rogers Holiday snare from the 60s. Tone control and throw are still in perfect working condition. All seems original on the snare. Bottom head is split. The logo has come off of one side of the mounting screws. a dab of glue will clear that up but I will let the next...
  18. codydee12

    Sold - Premier Bongos 1960s Red Sparkle

    $50 OBO plus $15 to ship! Cool pair of premier bongos here from the 60s. Needs new heads (obviously). Let me know what questions you have! Both drums have a 6.5” depth. Thanks for checking them out.
  19. codydee12

    Sold Ludwig 1964 Downbeat 4x14 Blue Oyster Pearl Snare Drum

    In great condition! Heads are new as of this week as well. As far as I know, everything is original except 2 of the nuts that the tension rods screw into. Outside of that, I believe the wires, tone control, felt and so on are all original. Please reach out with any questions! I will do my best...
  20. codydee12

    Sold - 24" Kick Drum Gretsch Stop Sign Badge 1979 Satin Natural

    Includes one original Gretsch wood hoop, one 24" evans head, two gretsch tom arms, and a 24" gretsch USA stop sign badge kick shell. All original lugs and all in great condition! Very little pitting on these. Screws hold the hardware look great as well. The shell is in great condition with no...