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  1. RyanLovesDrums

    Bass Drum Riser for Floor Tom Question

    So I have this Gibraltar/Dunnett riser that is meant for using with converting your floor tom to a bass drum and I’ve been having trouble with the R-clamp part that attaches to the hoop(in my case a die-cast hoop). The first thing is that you have to tighten it down to secure it to the hoop but...
  2. RyanLovesDrums

    Pearl S930-S Snare Stand

    Just got this today. I was talking about this in the Yamaha Crosstown snare stand thread. I saw that @Hop had mentioned in a thread that he liked Pearl 900 series snare stands a lot so I checked it out. I was thinking for a while that I’d like to get the Crosstown stand but I already have the DW...
  3. RyanLovesDrums

    My Gig on June 2nd

    So I had answered an ad on craigslist a couple weeks ago from a girl who said they need a Cajon player for their gig on June 2. She flew in from New York on June 1 and we barely rehearsed but the gig still went well. Half the set list were covers and the other were originals. Here’s a couple...
  4. RyanLovesDrums

    Good concert on right now on channel ABC. Party at the palace

    It’s in the title
  5. RyanLovesDrums

    Question about DW Mag throwoff

    What is the purpose of this nut that you would tighten or loosen with a drum key on the snare wire tension knob?
  6. RyanLovesDrums

    New Video/Yamaha Drums/Paiste

    I originally recorded this song with my band in 2013. These old Rock Tour Customs are awesome. I’m finally figuring out the tuning I like. And Paiste cymbals kick butt!
  7. RyanLovesDrums

    Neat Drumstick Holder Idea

    A guy on FB had a neat idea for a drumstick holder to hang on floor toms. It’s actually for holding welding rods but it works great as a small stick holder. I got one and it’s real leather and it just clips on to a tension rod. He said to get it on but I found it on Amazon and got...
  8. RyanLovesDrums

    Hey fusion fans, have you ever heard this album?

    Some funky drumming by Mike Clark but Paul Jackson’s bass playing has always been a favorite of mine. My funk band in my senior year of high school tried to cover the last song “Hang Up Your Hangups”, great long jam. Herbie Hancock-Flood...
  9. RyanLovesDrums

    Which of these 13” Paiste hihats are the best?

    13” Dimensions Light Hihats 13” Dimensiond Thin Heavy Hihats 13” Dark Energy Hihats
  10. RyanLovesDrums

    Question About Snare Wires and My Pearl Snare

    Got a few questions about setting up snare wires. There’s a couple pics below of my snare and wires I’m dealing with. It’s a 12” Pearl soprano snare(90s version). It can be really fun to play especially tuned high but I’m having a little trouble getting the wires sounding right. I read somewhere...
  11. RyanLovesDrums

    Elvin Jones drum tuning

    I saw this in an interview Elvin did and I was wondering exactly what did he mean when he said he tunes his drums to the third or six interval. Anyone know? Below is a picture I took of that part of the interview.
  12. RyanLovesDrums

    Best used cheap hihats?

    I’m trying to find some hihats for my brother’s drumset. We want to spend less than $50 so with that I’ve been seeing a lot of used Zildjian ZBT‘s, ZXT’s, Sabian B8’s, Meinl HCS’s, some Paiste PST3’s and even some Paiste 502s for a little more. Which model sounds the best or if you know of a...
  13. RyanLovesDrums

    My friend wants to order a Gretsch USA custom kit, any advice?

    He just wants a simple four piece kit. He in his early 50s and always dabbled with guitar but has always wanted to play drums. He definitely wants to get Gretsch USA Customs. So I’ve picked out some sizes for him like 22 x 16, 13 x 9, 16 x 16, and 6 1/2 x 14 snare drum with eight lugs. He’s a...
  14. RyanLovesDrums

    Are these old Zildjian hihats?

    I’m trying to get some hihats for my brother and came across these. Are they any good? Look like old Zildjians or something
  15. RyanLovesDrums

    6 and/or 8 inch Gretsch Concert Toms

    Hi, looking for some small Gretsch USA concert toms (preferably 8”) in good condition. Thanks
  16. RyanLovesDrums

    My old Ayotte Keplinger snare with my old band

    I had an Ayotte 13x6 keplinger steel snare with wood hoops and the top hoop cracked so I ordered some Gibraltar die cast hoops from guitar center and the guy told me my snare would sound like a shotgun and it kinda did!
  17. RyanLovesDrums

    Dennis Chambers Tunebot Settings with “Walking in Your Footsteps” by The Police

    One of my favorite ways to tune my kit is the way DC tunes his. It could sound a little better if I had emperors over ambassadors on the rack toms like I do on the floor toms instead of ambassadors over ambassadors but they still sound pretty good. Notice the shirt ;)
  18. RyanLovesDrums

    Spurs for old Yamaha floor tom

    I wanted to try turning my old Yamaha 16” floor tom into a kick. I already have one of those Gibraltar Dunnett riser/brackets to lift up the batter side, I just need some spurs to put into the leg brackets. I measured the legs and they were 10mm so I guess I need spurs that size? I saw that...
  19. RyanLovesDrums

    Anybody else known in school for always drumming/tapping?

    Just came across this in the senior section of my high school yearbook. They did little side stories on the shy senior students.
  20. RyanLovesDrums

    Some funk by me while under the influence of wine…

    Me covering a song that my friend Zak played drums on with The Greyboy All Stars