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  1. JazzDrumGuy

    gretsch 20/12/14 for hard rock??

    New drums or "new" (to you) drums? My gigging kit is a 12/15/20 vintage Ludwig. It's nice but not pristine. I have gigged my nice pristine vintage 20" Gretsch but with 13/16 toms. It was fine sound wise but I didn't want to get it damaged hence the Ludwig kit. I think you could do it but heads...
  2. JazzDrumGuy

    Bass hoops

    Somebody posted in the last year or two about buying 18" hoops and cutting them and then somehow rejoining them to make them fit a 17" drum......
  3. JazzDrumGuy

    22” Ludwig black cortex floor Tom!

    They do make bass heads with tom collars. I recently pickws up a Super kick 16" for a FT to bass conversion (with bass hoops). Sort of the reverse thing but it works just fine and the FT hoops fit over it too. Normally the bass head collars are too thick and metal tom hoops won't work. I think...
  4. JazzDrumGuy

    2-piece Ludwigs: Where to start?

    I have a 20's 5x14 10 lugger. It is an amazing piece of history and drips of mojo! Even though it came to me with a few serious extra holes (who the heck would put holes in the Ludwig logo????....&^%$#@!), it plays way fatter and I have gigged with it on some fancier museum gigs (but I'm still...
  5. JazzDrumGuy

    Yamaha Live Custom 14x18 bass drum, amber shadow sunburst

    That's a great color. One of my local DFO bros used to have a oak custom kit with 10/12/14/18 and it was such a gorgeous color - good luck, dude!
  6. JazzDrumGuy

    Iyo who is the best bass player?

    As a drummer and (a more successful!) bassist, this is hard to answer. Firstly, live or dead? Pretty much any jazz bassist hitting those walking bass lines must be respected. I really like Ron Carter, of course, and Mingus and Stanley Clarke, but I am also a huge fan of Jaco P. I do love Dave...
  7. JazzDrumGuy

    Travis Barker Hits the Hospital

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery....after all, he has a 4th wedding to plan! Seriously, hope he's okay......
  8. JazzDrumGuy

    Drum wrap measurement help

    Curious what wrap it is? Geardaddy is right. You will need at least 44.5". I would put the seam under a lug since it's not much overlap (only 1/2") and won't likely stay together. But what I think you are saying that the drum is 14x22? Typically, a sheet of wrap is 54" long and that is not...
  9. JazzDrumGuy

    Will cymbal trends ever lean towards the 40's/50's Zildjian A sound?

    I saw Brian Blade in 2014 at Monterey Jazz and his setup was an Old K, a real Spizz, and a 22" K Con light if I recall. I got to meet his drum tech and actually touch the cymbals. Same in 2018. I'll see him there in a few months and update this.
  10. JazzDrumGuy

    Song requests and tip$

    The best songwriters are at the bar and hear that nonsense and go, "Now that's a song!" De do do do, do da da da.......
  11. JazzDrumGuy

    Song requests and tip$

    I suggest your bassist, especially, and all band members go thru some "crowd control training" to establish stage boundaries....... At 0:37:
  12. JazzDrumGuy

    What would you do with this gretsch snare?

    The problem with scraping the loose chips and leaving the rest is that the finish will be bumpy and look bad (unless you somehow can sand it flat - but that's doubtful, as it will remove or flake off the rest of the remaining paint). Also, if the drum is so compromised, even with a clear coat...
  13. JazzDrumGuy

    Steam Bent Walnut

    Thanks - are they the same profile up and down? Can I see a photo of the writing/inscription in pic #3?
  14. JazzDrumGuy

    How much does a "ding" reduce resale value?

    That is nothing...easy fix with a hammer/mallet!
  15. JazzDrumGuy

    The WORLDS most recognizable Drummer

    TB is now know as Mr. he's even more famous than his career!
  16. JazzDrumGuy

    Potentially trading for a Ludwig Club Date. Have a few questions...

    I didn't know they made club dates in 13/16/22 - cool.
  17. JazzDrumGuy

    The WORLDS most recognizable Drummer

    Ironically, this is the world's most recognizable guitarist......
  18. JazzDrumGuy

    The WORLDS most recognizable Drummer

    Ringo, Lars, Animal, Buddy Rich for the older crowd..... now that's a lineup!
  19. JazzDrumGuy

    New purchase. Is this worth mentioning?

    It should have been disclosed in writing and with photos- that sucks! However, it looks like a super simple fix without being able to inspect the cymbal in person. Looks like a flea bite versus a crack and I doubt it'll get worse.
  20. JazzDrumGuy

    serious inquiries only ?

    Every question I ask is serious...... but I won't waste my time with this kit at that price!