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  1. Soulfinger

    Two sight unseen cymbals Guess the cymbal weights

    Very nice, congrats! Got me a 20" recently, such a cool cymbal - dark, dry, defined stick but with lively overtones and a great crash sound. Love it.
  2. Soulfinger

    Splash bag

    Meinl makes several small bags for frame drums, among them a 14"x2,5". They are well padded and sturdy (I have a 14"x4" I use for a piccolo snare). They have 14" cymbal dividers as well (sold as a pair).
  3. Soulfinger

    Best Tony Williams drum solo?

    And here´s someone not only talented but also crazy enough to transcribe and play Tony´s solo from Walkin´ (Four and More):
  4. Soulfinger

    Vater appreciation thread; what models do you use?

    Another Manhattan 7A user here. When I was 16 or so, my dad came back from a business trip from New York and brought me a pair (they weren´t even availabe in Austria back then). He got them just because he liked the name - "Vater" is the german word for father, and he bought them in Manhattan...
  5. Soulfinger

    Cymbal Bar Code Removal

    Paiste, Sabian, Istanbul Agop and UFIP don´t use stickers, at least over here. Meinl, Zildjian and Istanbul Mehmet do.
  6. Soulfinger

    20" Sabian HHX "Legacy" Ride

    I had a set of Legacys for a while and yes - if it is 20" and has that unlathed strip on the bottom, it´s the ride. And no, it doesn´t say "Ride" on the top, only "20"/50 cm". The crashes are labeled as "Crash", however...
  7. Soulfinger

    Unknown cymbal (no stamp)

    Meinl had a "Custom Shop" line before they came out with the Byzance Series. Lots of different designs and hammering patterns - the handle was "One of a Kind". Mostly B8 but B20 as well. Might be one of these, being in Germany and all...
  8. Soulfinger

    OT: E-Bike

    At 55, I´m still comfortably able to go anywhere I need/want to on my fixed gear road bike although I occasionally give in to the temptation of a freewheel. So I try to keep the e-bike evil at bay for the fear that I might actually enjoy it too much! :)
  9. Soulfinger

    What is your favorite Zildjian Cymbal Setups Of Famous Drummers book?

    I started drumming in 1981 and picked up the then-current copy at the local music store. "Cymbal set-ups of famous drummers", 1980 version apparently. Boy, did I drool over that book. And the Paiste Profiles #3 (1981) as well. Until my mum threw them away., just like that, never bothered to ask...
  10. Soulfinger

    Tashjian cymbal? Now joined by its Trans Stamp 20" big sister.

    That is a very good way of putting it. :)
  11. Soulfinger

    Strange songs from the 1960's

  12. Soulfinger

    Tashjian cymbal? Now joined by its Trans Stamp 20" big sister.

    Ha - I had one exactly like that eons ago. Same signature, same hammering, same bell shape. Mine was 16" and had a grommet installed so one of a pair or marching/orchestral cymbals. Only stamp I could find was a crescent moon with star. Bought here in Austria on a flea market almost 40 years...
  13. Soulfinger

    I’m out of G.A.S.

    I see a Benny Greb snare in your future.
  14. Soulfinger

    Favorite jazz trio albums

    Anything by Marcin Wasilewski. Jakob Bro with Thomas Morgan and Joey Baron. John Scofield with Steve Swallow and Bill Stewart. Antonio Sanchez`s album Three Times Three. GoGo Penguin and Phronesis are fun, too. Craig Taborn, Colin Vallon... too many to mention.
  15. Soulfinger

    Can a Paiste 2002 Do Jazz!?

    If you browse the (wonderful) cymbalwiki page - - you´ll find that lots of jazz players used 2002s back in the 70s and 80s. The 20" Ride was played, among others, by Airto, Paul Motian, Alphonse Mouzon, Art Blakey... worked for them. My...
  16. Soulfinger

    Can a Paiste 2002 Do Jazz!?

    No. Left side and main ride are 2002s. There are some camera angles where you can clearly see the logo. The Hi Hats may have been 602s.
  17. Soulfinger

    Paiste set around Traditional 22

    Formula 602 Modern Essentials 15". Those check all the boxes. For the left side - 20" Masters Dark Crash Ride. I have both of them and cannot recommend them enough.
  18. Soulfinger

    Brushes that don’t turn the head black?

    Nothing to do with corrosion or dust. That´s perfectly normal behaviour for new(ish) wire brushes. It gets less the more you play them. Until then, embrace the beausage. Or get nylon brushes, as already mentioned. :)
  19. Soulfinger

    Bosphorus 1600 Era

    Not sure if these were discussed already. Tasty:
  20. Soulfinger

    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    "Curious what that means for future offerings/general company direction" So far... this: Ahem.