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  1. Rock Salad

    The WORLDS most recognizable Drummer

    Desi Arnaz?
  2. Rock Salad

    Was my DW 13" snare drum CURSED?

    I guess we'll see, if it comes back again. Maybe you should go out of town for a bit lol
  3. Rock Salad

    What double-hockey L am I playing here..?

    Dowikiwikido Wikidowikido No?
  4. Rock Salad

    What double-hockey L am I playing here..?

    I could follow it as a two bar 6/8?
  5. Rock Salad

    Drum Accessories-The Good, The Bad, The Worthless

    No Nutz cymbal stand tops, I glue a felts on mine and they are great. One more for Meinl Ching Ring, I put it on any instrument depending on what we're trying for, and super easy to grab and throw on the floor too after I got to have a beater patch and Evans clear or small white Kevlar are...
  6. Rock Salad

    Let's see your junk drums

  7. Rock Salad

    Let's see your junk drums

  8. Rock Salad

    Not A Flipper

    Bass drum lol
  9. Rock Salad

    Why do we love cymbals so much??

    I think it makes less of a difference if you hit them hard all the time maybe
  10. Rock Salad

    The happiness thread

    I appreciate and cultivate the ability to recognize peace/joy/wonder/awe, but I thought we were talking about over the top glee? Like running as fast and as long as you can and crashing to the the ground in fits of uncontrollable laughter as a kid (got to pay attention to my darn old heart these...
  11. Rock Salad

    Amazon deals thread

    It is of course possible it's dumb luck, but in my experience Bosphorus is just amazing. I have bought five sight unseen, and not only were they all really nice, four of them match together so well they may as well have been a pre pack
  12. Rock Salad

    Amb on a bass drum?

    They are called clear but have a haze to them lately. I like that film better than the super clear stuff. I wonder why some are clear clear and some milky
  13. Rock Salad

    Amb on a bass drum?

    I love the clear (hazy) and a pillow
  14. Rock Salad

    Happy Juneteenth

    Power to the people right on right on I hereby reserve the right to be offended by whatever I choose. I also respect your right to express whatever you choose (within forum guidelines) Thank you all for not getting this shut down. It means a lot to me
  15. Rock Salad

    Let's see your junk drums

    I hesitate to call my kit junk, but I know it probably could be considered so. It's a Peavey International ii 14"×22" bass, a Pearl Roadshow 10"×14" floor tom, custom Keller 8"×12" high tom and Ludwig Black Magic 5"×14" snare
  16. Rock Salad

    The happiness thread

  17. Rock Salad

    Happy Juneteenth

    I'm glad we are recognizing this day! Let's keep moving forward
  18. Rock Salad

    Let's see those BRASS Snare Drums!

    This one is Magic lol Black Magic 5'
  19. Rock Salad

    Feelings of elation while playing

    Yes, that feeling when it is more like I'm listening to our music than playing it, when the drama of that same old song is fresh at every note. It's interesting and I wonder what is actually happening- we all have nights of not feeling this synchronicity, but audience reaction and recordings...
  20. Rock Salad

    OT: Handles and Avatars

    One day when we were delirious from lacquer fumes my coworker friend was saying how our work was solid, solid, salad, rock salad and it was about the funniest thing we had ever heard. After about ten minutes of rolling on the ground laughing the fresh air got to us, but the memory remains. And...