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  1. funkypoodle

    Bandmate Died Last Night

    Sorry for your loss.
  2. funkypoodle

    Poll: Which standard sparkle finish on vintage drums is your favorite?

    Blue sparkle reminds me of Christmas day 1977. Champagne is the bees knees. These are my sparkly thingys
  3. funkypoodle

    Do any of you regularly use a Super Sensitive?

    I play out regularly with a 1964 SS. It's got bark, bite & the ability to go from sloppy to ultra crispy quickly & easily. I've never found it 'finicky'.
  4. funkypoodle

    WTB Ludwig Champagne Sparkle FT

    I'm looking for a Ludwig Champagne Sparkle floor tom, ideally KS badge. Let's see what you've got! (please!)
  5. funkypoodle

    The toughest "mess" I've had to play in a while

    Damn! I'm playing in Lac St. Jean on the 24th or I'd have definitely come out to the plains to see you guys....Have a great gig on the biggest stage in town!
  6. funkypoodle

    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Hasten the Death of "Rock and Roll"

    You beat me to the punch! Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Anne Bredon, Jake Holmes, Bert Jasnch, Albert King, Robert Johnson, Bobby Parker, Bukka White, Spirit, Kansas Joe McCoy & Memphis Minnie (among others) would agree with you!
  7. funkypoodle

    Ludwig tom arms don't stay put ...Fix?

    I've got the single version & am very happy with it!
  8. funkypoodle

    where/how to locate the mount for a bass drum mounted cymbal

    I had to go look. Yup. Center of the panel.
  9. funkypoodle

    metal snares

    A Rogers COB Powertone would fit nicely with that kit and are fantastic snare drums. BTW, 600 pounds sterling is 756.28 USD (today).
  10. funkypoodle

    Original Ludwig Floor Tom?

    I'm still freaked out that Intelcom lost my 15x12 Champagne drum....If by some weird twist in fate it shows up at my door I'd trade you for your Blue Oyster! I have a 1970 Blue Oyster Super Classic.
  11. funkypoodle

    Any Meazzi Hollywood fans in here?

    That sure sounds like hime! I distinctly remember WMP Gretschs & big bloody piles of old Ks.
  12. funkypoodle

    The Price of Gold

    I had a DW kit with gold plated hardware back in the 90's & the plating was much more fragile than chrome or nickel plating. It wouldn't ever be my my choice again.
  13. funkypoodle

    Any Meazzi Hollywood fans in here?

    Chris McCann from Kingston Ontario. Wish I had pics, but my iPhone hadn't been conceived yet ( :
  14. funkypoodle

    Any Meazzi Hollywood fans in here?

    My 2nd drum teacher had an amazing collection of Meazzi Hollywood & Gretsch RB drums along with big piles of Turkish K's. This was back in the late 70's. His Meazzi Hollywood kits were the ones with the timpani mechanism on the FTs. I would take lessons on these kits & admire their beautiful...
  15. funkypoodle

    Floor tom lost in mail!! Update

  16. funkypoodle

    Floor tom lost in mail!! Update

    I got a full refund from eBay last night. The drum seems to have been shipped to Toronto, which is about a 10 hour drive from here, but no one can confirm & Intelcom wouldn't admit their mistake. Oh well.....
  17. funkypoodle

    Floor tom lost in mail!! Update

    THat is the thing. There was no delivery pic sent with the email from Intelcom, only a copy of the delivery guy's signature.
  18. funkypoodle

    Floor tom lost in mail!! Update

    I didn't say it would be a good update....So I tried a melting pot of everyones advice: be patient, don't go insane, contact the seller, leave a paper trail, open a case with eBay & learn Intelcom's calling waiting music off by heart, practice singing counter-melodies, harmonise it & talk to yet...
  19. funkypoodle

    Floor tom lost in mail!! Update

    It was Intelcom, which is the company that does deliveries for Amazon & eBay purchases on this end. So no, not UPS USPS or Fedex.