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  1. DanRH

    So, how good are these snares? Let’s hear all opinions… Gretsch Bell Brass

    It's home! I'll use it at Saturday's gig and report back.
  2. DanRH

    Ever sold lots of gear or your favorite piece of gear to fund something else?

    Sure. Usually when I have a kit I dropped a bundle on and I’m not enamored with. Done that quite a few times.
  3. DanRH

    Barton drum co drum bags!

    I have a couple but for me, too tight of a fit. My preference are the Aheads and PT’s.
  4. DanRH

    So, how good are these snares? Let’s hear all opinions… Gretsch Bell Brass

    I may be bringing this home today. Some cash, and my refurbed LM402 and my Classic Alloy N&C for a trade. It’s new. See, this is why it’s dangerous having a drum shop two miles from home. ;-)
  5. DanRH

    Tama Peter Erskine SOLD !!

    Word! This drum is that great!
  6. DanRH

    Let's See Those Brass Snare Drums!

    I’ve got a line on a new Gretsch Bell Brass. Tomorrow, I will either have it or not.
  7. DanRH

    Barton drum co drum bags!

    Exactly! The bunching up got me...
  8. DanRH

    Barton drum co drum bags!

    As mentioned above, I picked up a 22/13/16 for my new Summit kit. Sorry to be a downer but the 22 didn’t fit the case. It was very hard to get the drum into the bag. The 13 and 16 were fine.
  9. DanRH

    Iyo who is the best bass player?

    Anthony Jackson as well. Chuck Rainey. Carole Kaye. Leland Sklar. Will Lee….The list is endless…
  10. DanRH

    Live From My Drum Room/Modern Drummer Podcast With Lorne Wheaton!

    Hey John, I use the Podcast App on my iPhone and I don’t see this episode. E76 is Joe Franco. Would love to hear the episode with Lorne on it. Thx.
  11. DanRH

    Iyo who is the best bass player?

    Favorite is a much more appropriate question. So, so many. I haven’t seen Richard Bona’s name mention or Kai Eckhardt, so I’ll throw their names in… And about 20 newish guys… well, you know.
  12. DanRH

    10”x8” vs 12”x8” vs 13”x9” Tom

    12 or 13 are my preference, but I usually go with a 10/12 when using a two up config….
  13. DanRH

    Adding a bass drum mount

    I went the drill less mount (a Ludwig Atlas Rail mount) and although it works as promised, there are choking issues with my D'Amico kit. And light it isn't. I've decided to install a Yamaha mount and use YESS tom mounts attached to a half plate Gauger (brushed aluminum). I will say my objective...
  14. DanRH

    The WORLDS most recognizable Drummer

  15. DanRH

    Tama Peter Erskine SOLD !!

    That is one of my favorite snares. He’s crazy to be selling it!!! ;-) of course, I’ve been called the same by him…I think. GLWS my son.
  16. DanRH

    Roland SPD One Electro pad

    You can get these new all day on line. $229. I got mine new a couple years ago for about 2 bills.
  17. DanRH

    Yamaha Live Custom 14x18 bass drum, amber shadow sunburst

    Now that would be a fun road trip…if you have a hybrid or e car.
  18. DanRH

    What’s Your Location and Where Do You Shop?

    Northern California, East Bay, Dublin specifically. I’m lucky to have a local drum shop (I call it my LDS), Dubs Drum Basement, two miles from my house. When Darren doesn’t have it, it’s either Sweetwater or Amazon.
  19. DanRH

    The Official Jenkins-Martin Thread.

  20. DanRH

    A very busy week!

    It all started Monday with a rehearsal putting new three songs in the set to be played the following Friday. Wednesday - Wifey and me drove 450 miles from the Bay Area to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon for a two day trip that we had to cancel last year due to the fires on the west coast...