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  1. flatwins

    Trying to post drums for sale but doesn't look like i have this option

    Now ya gotta tell us about the Camaro. 67-69? 70-73? 74-81?
  2. flatwins

    22” Ludwig black cortex floor Tom!

    Ours were stainless steel. They were like walking around with three garbage cans held together with rope. At least the next year the high school had COW Slingerland tenors in 12/14/16 and those things were built like tanks.
  3. flatwins

    22” Ludwig black cortex floor Tom!

    That would explain the source of the 22” triple flanged hoop. I’ve never seen marching tenors that large and couldn’t image carrying a set but my jr high had a set of stainless Ludwig tenors that I (unfortunately) carried. They were 14/16/18 and were undoubtedly the worst drums I’ve ever played...
  4. flatwins

    Show Your Drum-Related Tattoo

    Ain’t for me.
  5. flatwins

    15" toms - Which famous drummers use them?

    The very non-famous drummer using this kit was running 14x10, 15x12, and 16x16 toms on this day.
  6. flatwins

    22” Ludwig black cortex floor Tom!

    I’ve never seen anything like it. I’d assume it was a custom order mainly since the largest triple flanged hoops I’ve seen is 20”.
  7. flatwins

    Song requests and tip$

    I have the same problem. ;-) ;-)
  8. flatwins

    New price! F.S.: 20” Paiste early red label Heavy “Jazz Rock” ride

    Dis be a cool plate. Had I not be in the middle of a red label to black label conversion I’d be very interested.
  9. flatwins

    serious inquiries only ?

    Why do I get the feeling that the person who put this kit together strongly resembles Jeff Lowe of Tiger King fame?
  10. flatwins

    serious inquiries only ?

    Not sure what show they’ve entered in but it’s apparently a show piece.
  11. flatwins

    Been Pete Bested

    Definitely not the best way for the band to handle the situation. You’ll be in a better place not having to deal with “friends” like that. May they find themselves backing Corey Feldman on a tour of midwest dive bars.
  12. flatwins

    What music genre would you call this?

    Yacht rock was the first thing that came to mind, as Steech mentioned.
  13. flatwins

    This is for real, unfortunately…

    I’ve decided to avoid the rush and miss it early.
  14. flatwins

    Alternative bass drum tom mount for Sonor Phonics

    I have not. I don’t have any Pearl stuff around here.
  15. flatwins

    This is for real, unfortunately…

    It’s not my fault that rap sucks. It did that all on its own.
  16. flatwins

    This is for real, unfortunately…

    It was a successful mission!
  17. flatwins

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    This past Saturday.
  18. flatwins

    Hey Evans Drumheads!!! Your New Logo Is Ugly and Dumb

    Though it no longer exists, here’s a photo from flyover country for you ‘coasters. I remember seeing this painted on a building in Dodge City Kansas, the original home of Evans. A bit has changed since then.
  19. flatwins

    Alternative bass drum tom mount for Sonor Phonics

    I have several Sonor mounts and the tubes all interchange between my 60s teardrops through my Acryl drums, the latest of those being manufactured around 1977. As dingaling mentioned, it’s possible Sonor changed those during the Phonic run.