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  1. varatrodder

    So, Attack Heads aren't that bad

    My brother in law has an older Yamaha Stage Custom kit that has been sitting in my in law's basement for years. Just for kicks I decided to clean it up and put some fresh heads on it. It still had the original Remo UT heads from 20 years ago (the ones with the plastic hoop). He really doesn't...
  2. varatrodder

    I found a great nontoxic stripper for removing contact cement

    It seems like we get a lot of threads asking about good products to remove contact cement for rewraps. Well, I picked up a Fibes tom and needed to rewrap to match the turquoise sparkle drums I bought from Jeff. I pulled off the old wrap and, of course, found some sticky contact cement...
  3. varatrodder

    Neil P on a concert tom kit

    I'm not a die hard Neil Peart disciple, but obviously I have listened to Rush and seen his kits throughout the years. However, I never noticed that he played a concert tom kit early on. I've seen photos of the chrome kit before he added the small concert toms on the left, but it's always been...
  4. varatrodder

    Aquarian Drum Heads Question...

    Anyone know what the difference is between the Studio X and Focus X? Both are 10mil with a muffling ring. One has a vented ring, but is that the only difference?
  5. varatrodder

    My new favorite hi hats: 15" Zilco by AZCO Canada

    These just arrived in the mail today, and I am really blown away. They are stamped HI HAT MEDIUM and weigh in at 1035/1090. The sound is surprisingly dark, dry and mellow. I was expecting them to be pretty much the same as Zildjian New Beats, but they are closer in sound to a K or modern...
  6. varatrodder

    Vintage Zildjian 15" Hi Hat Bottoms, 50's small stamp and 60's/70's stamp. CHEAP!

    I have two of these 15" hi hat bottoms for sale. Take one or both. Priced low to get rid of them quickly. $100 each, shipped to the lower 48. AK, HI, PR and international will need to pay a little more to cover the extra shipping costs. Number 1: 1950's small stamp. Small mounting hole, which...
  7. varatrodder

    15" Zildjian K Light Hats 1050g/1400g - $275 shipped

    I picked these up used a couple of months ago, but decided I still like my vintage A's better. They're in great shape with smooth edges and round holes. Looks like the original owner attempted to clean around the logos, so the patina is not even, but I didn't want to mess with that and...
  8. varatrodder

    Zildjian small stamp, small hole?

    Was an overlap of the late 50’s small stamp and early 50’s small mounting hole common? I just picked up a 15” small stamp that has a small hole, and I’m trying to figure out if it just might be a trans stamp that sat in the shelf. The bell, lathing and hammering aren’t really distinct either way.
  9. varatrodder

    Antique store find

    Picked up this Late 30's-early 40's Slingerland a couple weeks ago at an antique store, and finally got around to cleaning it up today. I knocked off all the dirt, but left as much patina and tarnish as I could. It has a mahogany shell that appears to be single ply. If not, it's at least all...
  10. varatrodder

    Free! 5x14 Gretsch black brass shell - fits Gretsch, Ludwig, Slingerland, & tube lugs.

    Free to a good home! Just pay shipping! This is a 5x14 Gretsch black brass snare drum shell. It would have been a New Classic snare. Factory drilled for 8 lugs. I slightly enlarged the holes to fit Slingerland lugs, so now it will fit Gretsch, Ludwig, Slingerland and standard tube lugs. It is...
  11. varatrodder

    A wrench in the Avedis Zildjian stamp timeline?

    I didn't want to possibly hijack the other thread, so I moved this to a new thread. I just picked up this set of 15" Avedis Zildjian hihats. Just curious if this throws a wrench into the stamp timelines. Here's the 60's stamp on top: And here's the 1978-1982 ink on the bottom of the same...
  12. varatrodder

    SOLD 15" Bosphorus traditional hi hats, 1086g / 1280g, like NEW! $250!

    SOLD. This is a set of 15" Bosphorus traditional hi hats. The weights are 1086g over 1280g. I haven't really played them except to tap on them a bit at home, so they are like new. I got these as an Amazon deal a few months back, but I also picked up a pair of Turks and liked those better...
  13. varatrodder

    SOLD 18x22 Gretsch USA Custom Bass drum in Vintage Champagne Sparkle

    SOLD I had previously listed this at one point, and I decided to sell after all. 18x22 USA Custom bass drum in Vintage Champagne sparkle (which is slightly darker and more copper than regular champagne sparkle). Not drilled for any mount. Needs spurs, hoops and tension rods. The spurs are...
  14. varatrodder

    NGD - Champagne sparkle. Assembly required.

    So, I reached out to Cameron Brown at Brownie Custom Drums to do a champagne sparkle paint job on a snare shell, and he absolutely killed it. The sparkle is an automotive metal flake (like we use on hot rods) comprised of copper and silver flake. The clear coat is epoxy, and it is deep and...
  15. varatrodder

    Custom made Bosphorus cymbals through

    I just came across this today. Apparently you can have Bosphorus make completely custom cymbals for you. I might have to give this a shot.
  16. varatrodder

    Gretsch Renown Bass Drum Shell Thickness?

    Just curious more than the shell on the Renown bass drum as thick as the USA Custom Shell (5/16")?
  17. varatrodder

    SOLD 22" Beefy Soultone Ride - $95

    I'm in purge mode again, so everything's gotta go. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. If you live outside the lower 48, PM me and I'll let you know what the extra shipping will be. If you buy more than one cymbal, I will knock off 10%. Click HERE for Photos and Bad iPhone Recordings...
  18. varatrodder

    When you've been listening to Jim Keltner with Cracker for 30 years and never realized it...

    This is one of my all time favorite albums, and I never realized Keltner played on these songs.
  19. varatrodder

    SOLD! BRAND NEW 16" Bosphorus Masters Hi Hats 1010/1200 $300

    So, Amazon sent me the wrong item, but I figured I would offer them up here before I return them since it's a good price for these. These are $470 new, but I only paid $300 since I was actually trying to buy something else. 16" Bosphorus Masters hi hats. Weights are 1010/1200 grams. These have...