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  1. rwm5

    Rogers BDP Headliner w/canister throne & 16x14” FT

    Rogers Black Diamond Pearl Headliner Outfit 1963 all 3-ply shells 14x20” - Holiday badge# 35407 Bread and Butter Lugs, Headliner configuration, very clean hoops. 16x14” - Holiday badge# 36197 Bread and Butter Lugs, regular hoops. Yes that is 16” deep and 14” diameter, you read correctly. 9x13”...
  2. rwm5

    Fibes (Austin), Corder or Darwin 16" floor tom

    Looking for a 16x16" preferable, other sizes welcome. Finish does not matter. Thanks.
  3. rwm5

    Ludwig Sky Blue Pearl Super Classic and Downbeat w/matching Jazzfest

    Up for sale is a Sky Blue Pearl 1962-63 Ludwig Super Classic and a 1964-66 Downbeat with matching Jazzfest. Prefer to sell local so no shipping at the moment, willing to meet buyer to open it up to more of the east coast. I’m in Long Island, NY. The Super Classic is from 62-63 (pre serial). The...
  4. rwm5

    Anyone in Austin, TX that would facilitate a drum purchase?

    As the title states I have found a set that I want to purchase but the seller doesn’t want to ship. I have reached out to a local drum shop to see if they would help and am currently waiting for a reply. Just figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask here. I would pay for the service of packing and...