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  1. AndyW.

    Selfmade patinas, anyone else done these?

    Here is a B20 Hihat bottom ( off the Istanbul Mehmet factory rebranded as Fame Master B20) that I tried to „age“ a bit to go along with a K Istanbul top
  2. AndyW.

    Premier 54 question

    Wow that is beautiful !! I have a late 1950s wmp 54 Kit myself and I really love it . These are still way underpriced for what they have to offer. Even the Lower end Olympics Sound great.
  3. AndyW.

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I'm not sure yet. I only use the setup at home at low volume levels, I think it might not work that well live. I like the darker tone, the K Istanbul sounds a bit similar, but a bit brighter
  4. AndyW.

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I just received a used 22" (21.5" to be exact) Istanbul 30th Anniversary today. it was advertised with 2010g which was already very light; my pretty accurate digital kitchen scale even shows 1918g. otherwise I always see these cymbals around 2200g. sounds great and pushed my 20" K Zildjian...
  5. AndyW.

    unknown „Made in Turkey“ cymbals, info needed

    I found these hihat cymbals on a used instrument website; apart from the Made in Turkey stamp there is nothing on it to find out the origin. what could it be?
  6. AndyW.

    Modified a 20" Zultan Caz crash

    maybe I misunderstood that too, at least they are made in the same factory. Regarding the patina, I once devised a solution to age guitar parts that was basically a Ferrum III Chloride solution. However, it is very mild, the whole process stopped with WD 40 and then polished minimally. Liver...
  7. AndyW.

    Modified a 20" Zultan Caz crash

    You can‘t go wrong with the Caz series , the 19“ Crash ride and the 21“ sizzle ride are remarkably good , especially when found second hand. I have found this 19“ for €70 used, added a bit of Patina to it and it ended up as a great LSR. These are made by Turkish, which I understand belongs to...
  8. AndyW.

    Modern cymbal makers making K clones

    those C&Gs are very tempting but noone sells them in Germany :(
  9. AndyW.

    18” rides?…..who loves ‘em….who uses ‘em?

    I have a K Istanbul 18" Intermediate stamp at 1520g, which I use as my Left side ride. Has a great bell
  10. AndyW.

    Jazz Tuning tips

    switched out the batter heads to Fiberskyn FD ( plus Fiberskyn reso on the 18" ) on the Gretsch Catalina.. wow, now the sound I was after was easy too achieve using the guidance of above posts. Still struggling abit with the the Premier, maybe its not very happy with an overly high tuning.
  11. AndyW.

    Jazz Tuning tips

    Thank you for so much valuable input, It kept me busy for a while. I tried the Premier Set first. Based on the C-F-C suggestion, I tried it a whole tone lower because of the 16" FT. It certainly takes a while for me to get used to it, it sounds unusually high. Don’t know if the drums really...
  12. AndyW.

    Jazz Tuning tips

    The 16“ doesn‘t sound good cranked too high so I have to compromise on the 12“ and tune lower as wanted.
  13. AndyW.

    Jazz Tuning tips

    Thanks for your input guys! There are die cast hoops on the larger kit which is a late 1950s Premier. The bop kit is the standard Gretsch Catalina with coated Ambassadors.
  14. AndyW.

    Jazz Tuning tips

    Hello, I've read through a myriad of websites, watched YouTube videos and still I'm really struggling to get a decent bop tuning. in the linked video around 9: 20 I actually find the sound of the toms perfect, any advice how to get there? to me it sounds like the 14" floor tom has a...
  15. AndyW.

    Vintage snare for jazz recommendations

    so true ! I have several vintage Premiers , 50s-60s , all very suitable for jazz
  16. AndyW.

    Bird's Eye views

    Late 1950s Premier Kit 12/14/16/20“ K Istanbul 14“ , 18“ , 20“ , Trans Stamp 20“
  17. AndyW.

    Who was responsible for more drum sales. Krupa, Rich, or Ringo?

    on those 1960 sessions it was Buddy Harman AND D.J. Fontana
  18. AndyW.

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    my first pair of K Istanbul hats, 14 "(slightly under at 13 6/8"), old stamp IIb I think. not really a factory matched pair, top is 770gr, bottom 1200gr. so maybe an orchestra or band cymbal. some kind of k new beats if you will. At least they didn't cost an arm and a leg plus they sound great.
  19. AndyW.

    Early 50s Premier Model 54

    I have the same mount on my mid 50s Premier 20" , unfortunately I took it off and misplaced it. I will take a photo when I find it.